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  1. steve33fish

    Driving to camalu Mexico tonight and was wondering if i needed a passport? Or if a valid california license was fine? Thanks!
  2. Dos Locos

    Currently a DL will suffice. However, beginning in Jan 07, you will need a passport to be admitted upon re-entry into the U.S.
  3. Bullshipper

    Its my understanding that Mexico requires a passport or birth certificate for you, plus the title for your truck.
  4. Dos Locos

    Never mind me, I'm only an immigration officer for a living.........
  5. Clay

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Yeah what the hell would you know about this issue.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thanks for the info Chris I was wondering myself.
  6. Bill Erhardt

    There are two governments' requirements to be met on a trip by a US citizen to Mexico, although a lot of gringos seem to overlook this fact. Locos speaks here to one and Bull the other. To avoid inconvenience you would be well advised to comply with both.
  7. zigzag

    Fuck it ask for amnesty and bring american flag.
  8. Afry

    On our trip to Santa Rosalia we had it all and I mean everything....and were never asked for anything including during our re-entry to the US. We hit checkpoints galore and all they wanted were batteries and Red Bull.

    That being said I would bring it all again.
  9. steve33fish

    Thanks for all the info guys! Just got back last night and the ca license was fine. Thanks!

    DOS LOCOS, Do you know what the proper procedure is for a private boater wishing to launch from San Diego and fish Mexican waters is. I was told we just needed our mexican boat permits along with fishing permits but now my buddy is all worked up and heard we need passports now to fish south of the border. And do we need to check in upon re-entry to the US and does anybody really follow that rule . Just curious. Thanx