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Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Pounder, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Pounder

    I guess there is a new service out there where a 3rd party agent will handle and expedite passport applications. As of Sep 30th a reciept will no longer be ok to get on a plane with an international destination or to get back into the country. These guys provided a client with an application that was submitted on a Monday and the client had their passports in hand by wednesday of the same week. $285 for a single application with their VIP service.
    The Passport Guys - 24hr US Passports Expedited-New Passport
  2. Bullshipper

    Yahoo ran a story on thursday that nationwide, the expidition of passports was back to normal, but this is a good tip in any case.
  3. tonyfrompa

    Going down to PV in October to fish with Capt. Danny on the Marla. Passport was due to expire just before I was scheduled to leave so I had to renew. They quoted a 10-12 week turn-around (that was 11 weeks from my scheduled departure). Paid a $30 fee to have the passport process expedited. Got the re-newed passport back in 13 business days. Best $30 I ever spent!!!!! Definitely worth $30 for peace of mind.

    Fishing reports are looking promising. Looking forward to my return to PV in October. Save a couple big ones for me......