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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by midnightrambler, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. midnightrambler

    whos fishing the party boats this weekend ? and which one ?
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  2. fishn_fReEk16

    i might be goin out of dana on the fury for a friends charter saturday. but just got word im goin on an overnighter on ther 24 fishin 25th so that should be fun but who knows whats goin on......

  3. midnightrambler

    sounds like those white seabass might bust wide open any time now, i think catalina is the place to be. unless you feel like pulling on some chickens.
  4. The Notorious S.U.A

    maybe hit the new seaforth this saturday for some good ol' iron chuckin.
  5. navy_fish

    I'm on the NLA tonight with my son. Hoping to put him on his first tuna. A bloody deck for him will mean a bloody heart for the first timer.
  6. Slayer

    Right on Mark!!! Get Big John on the Albies!!
  7. IdahoSaltAdict

    Might go back out on the Pursuit, now that John is back. They are doing well on the yellows and had a monster WSB yesterday. Not sure I want to deal with (bigger) crowds though.
  8. alBACKore14

    have fun mark. ill be on the condor on friday nightmaybe ill see you guys there to see what u folks got.
  9. midnightrambler

    ill be on the producer just got the word that the top gun has 60 albies and a yf hope there not fucking with me
  10. tail slapper

    THey are not.
  11. fishn_fReEk16

    yea the fishing is going great hopefully in a week thell be more in 1 day range so i can kill some fish damnit!!!

  12. Az.monkey

    Take a deep breath and relax grommet :) It's merely the beginning of the end :rolleyes:
  13. fishn_fReEk16

    yea im just gettin pumped 1 more week and ill be on my first tuna trip of the year...

  14. Socalslew

    The Hell with fishing....
    I just wanna screw Navy Fish's avatar!
  15. Smudge

    Myself and Bull Sprigs will be on the Producer. Hope to get into the Albies!
  16. Mr. Len

    On the LoAnn Sunday!!!
  17. midnightrambler

    all right smudge and bull springs looking foward to a good time