Partridge Bank Halibut 5-15-2010

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by Titan, May 16, 2010.

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  1. Titan

    Banged Partridge till 1 PM yesterday. Not even a bite. The currents were running pretty hard with the extreme low tide and the chop made for an unpleasant ride out.

    Back at the Fort Casey dock, there were a few reports of lings being caught straight out of Admiralty. Halibut was reportedly hard to find for everyone.

    Saw a school of bait fish boiling right off the dock. Next time will bring a bait rig.

    Good luck to all.

  2. yelloweye

    Sounds to me like the catching sucked. I'd bet the fishing was ok. ;)
  3. paydirt68

    Kamen, hammered Rockpile and Humps out of PA Friday and it TOTALLY SUCKED too! Got hammered ourselves. There were only 2 hours around noon that it was even decent when current and wind were in the same direction. Backtrolling was key. Standing 4' little breakers were the norm. High current and a SCA were the conditions.
  4. blackmouther

    Sounds like a tough day Kamen. We had a few takedowns on thursday on hein and got 1 small butt on friday around 15#'s on partridge. A few other takers but the 20knot westerly running against the huge outgoing made for a very interesting run on friday. Sammy hooker and red hook were on partridge and when I made the call to him to let him know that hein was blown out he said that with the exception of the massive rip tide on the south side of eastern its not too bad so we made the move and had one hell of a boat ride and then into very calm waters. Fished about 2 hours on a perfect drift for 1 woof woof and a chicken very shallow. 5 other boats and very dismal reports all around.
  5. MikFly

    Kamen... make the trip to Neah on the 2nd halibut weekend! I was there this weekend and did well at mid-C-closure on Thursday and great on Sat at Swiftsure. You could easily do Swiftsure on your boat! (from a gas standpoint)
  6. Grady226

    Kamen, I fish with my buddy Ted in the Black Velvet North River O/S on Thursday. We got 1 20lb 'Butt on the first drift and I hooked up on a very nice fish 2 drifts later that took me back to the bottom 3 times before shaking the hooks!
    We were on the south end of Partrige Bank. It was an interesting run through the tide rip at Partrige Point but smooth everywhere else. we used large Herring and glow plastic squid.
  7. Montana_Native

    Put in 27#'r in the boat on Saturday off Eastern. Most of the day was tough fishing, sloppy water and big currents - but it did calm off in the afternoon. If you pull down on the fish, it gains weight (scale is reading about 30).

    Also posted a couple pic's of Quan from last week when I was near-by and he was reeling in a ling.

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  8. Mo

    Thats fishn. Hey at least you were able to get the boat wet.
    What was you using for bait? Herrring or... ?

    Is it me or are there less above 30lb Hali this year?
  9. silver slayer

    what size were your fish at swiftsure
  10. MikFly

    Josh - they were relatively small at Swiftsure on Sat, but for 4-5 hours, it was basically good action for halibuts, lings, bocaccio. Most other boats around Swiftsure were picking through smaller size halibut also, which seemed to the norm that day.

    My first time at Swiftsure and I liked it cause it was a shorter run than mid-C-Clo for my boat and you get to wack into many varieties of fish beside halibut.

    Looking at this coming weekend's report, the conditions look snotty! The unfilleted fish below was from Sat kill from Swiftsure.

    Neah 1b.jpg
  11. bajadan2000

    Kamen, Not another "Fishing Sucked" thread?? Your luck will change soon.

    This info is from an IPHC member. Average halibut weight is getting smaller for the same age. Example, a 10 year Halibut weighs less this year than 10 years ago. This downward trend of Halibut size is happening all over, from Oregon to the tip of Alaska. Not all areas have the same rate change, but all areas do have a size reduction by age.

    The suspected cause is a reduction of biomass. It is believed there has been an large increase in Arrow Tooth Flounder populations, which compete with the Halibut for the same biomass. Which "Maybe" part of the cause.

    There is a bone in the Halibut's ear that produces one ring for each year of life. The rings can be counted to determine age, much like a tree. Then age and weight were compared over a period of years to determine this downward weight trend.
  12. Titan

    Berkley powergrub, jumbo squid from the local Asian store, filet of mackerel, plus some butt juice. The whole enchilada off a spreader bar.
  13. Titan

    From your lips to God's ear!

    I make it a point to report both successful and unsuccessful trips. Sometimes, negative information is just as valuable to other anglers (where not to go, what not to try) as positive. I already caught about 80 lbs worth of halibut this season, so I can't complain.
  14. Ducttape

    my guess is that you neglected to bring Yosh? I got skunked Thurs, Fri, of the week before this last one on Hein, and Eastern, worked our butts off trying to get on the fish but they just werent interested in our offerings untill we found new grounds on Sat.
  15. Titan

    Yoshi, AKA "Turbo", AKA "BaitThief", was there actually. :dogpiss:It's impossible to leave him in the house without him crying to high heaven at 4 AM in the morning, which the Missus does not really appreciate.
  16. silver slayer

    thanks miki I was curious we have'nt fished it for a few years, we fished the sw corner and the fish were smaller than normal but we managed two right at fifty the rest were 20-35 hopefully the action picks up on the inside this week we are gonna fish the straits thur - sat