Panama to Costa Rica???

Discussion in 'Panama & Central America Fishing Reports' started by Svajda, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Svajda

    We will be in the area sometime between the middle of October, possibly
    even around the 1st. of November. I believe that this is near the end of the rainy season, but what about the fishing? We will be making our way up the coast, our destination is Los Suenos.

    We'll be looking for billfish, but I'm sure we'll take some time to do some bottom fishing too.

    Any thoughts, pointers, comments on this time of the year down there?

    I've fished Guatemala several times, but never any farther south.
  2. Zancudo Lodge Advertiser

    Fishing in the southern part of Costa Rica will be good. Last year right after purchasing the lodge I caught an offshore grand slam. Marlin,Sailfish,Dorado and tuna. The only draw back is that it could rain for days on end. Good luck and when you arrive in Golfito the first port after Panama give us a call 776-0008.
  3. Svajda

    Thanks, Greg, I'll take your number with me. We're planning on pulling in to Golfito for customs, paperwork, etc.

    I've never been down during the rainy season, I've heard and read that it can rain it's A$$ of on land every afternoon but offshore would be clear. Any truth to that?
  4. squirtis

    What a blast that will be for sure...congrats..

    CHeck out Cebaco Bay Sportfishing, they have fuel etc for sale on the water at Cebaco Island. Might be a good stop off point coming up the line. The ranger station at Coiba has some cool little cabanas on the beach you can stay in and mooring in the bay. I will be down at the end of October myself, if you in the area swing byLOL

    Oh and by the way, Greg is right about the weather, last year October was not bad at all , and then November it rained every day. Doesn't matter, it will beat the shit out of Houston any dayLOL

    Oh it can be dry offshore and wet on land...and vice real fact in our area anyway ...JMO Although there are about 30 islands running up towards Costa that you can anchor up in any wind/swell.

    Have a blast
  5. Zancudo Lodge Advertiser

    I will try to fish in Panama next month with our new boats, hanibal banks. I will let you know how it goes.
  6. Svajda

    Well hell, I just got a call from the captain and now they're trying to move our departure date up to somwhere in the first 2 weeks of September.
    that doesn't really thrill me as we have to cross the gulf of Mexico and the Carribean right here smack dab in the fucking middle of hurricane season.

    Glenn, I'll keep you posted, we would like to meet up with you on the way through.