Palm Sunday

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by patfishhi, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. patfishhi

    And yes we did take Palms with us on Sunday...
    Should had never told Nerlie the moon set at 2:30, meaning we got up at 1:00 to get on the water as it got dark (moon set) to catch some Akule. After catchin some Akule we ran out to R and caught some Opelu; so the live well has a combo of akules and opelus.
    missedahi4112 002.jpg
    Ran out to the 1000 and set lines, about the 15 mile mark saw a splash and then another and another. Check with the binos, sure enough air breathers!!! Takes a while but get into them, first good pass the port rigger goes, that will get you to jump up out of your seat. 20# bull, blood on the deck and in the box. Next pass the port flat line goes, I think my exact words are "that's what we want" because that poor little 50 was cryin'.
    missedahi4112 008.jpg
    Long story short... very strange fight; intitial run typical ahi blistering "headin for the depths", but then he came up and stayed just below the surface until we had about 100 yds left, then straight down. And the stubborness started to show. Excellent battle right up till the end. The fish was makin huge circles (boat's out of gear) and I was gettin' a little nervous about the end game. Went from port to stbd and back to port corner finally close enough for leader, set the rod in the holder, grabbed the leader, got into the 3rd grab, when he decides to run back to the stbd side, I hang on, he gets under the boat (at the transom) the leader hits the edge of the stbd trim tab (its recessed) game over.
    missedahi4112 010.jpg
    After the cryin we set back up but can't find them so we point it straight out. Find some mahis and pick up a nice spear fish on the way home. All in all a GREAT day, sure was hurting early in the day but the other fish softened the blow.
    missedahi4112 013.jpg
    Also Nerlie was at the transom with me when we broke off the fish, I think she said that ahi is huge, she put it at 2plus. It was big.


    Nice chucker! Too bad about the yellow, you are unreal at finding them. Was running the 1000 yesterday could see a big white boat outside on the horizon between s and r buoys might have been you. Lot of mahis yesterday, I got a small cow and a 25# bull. Good going on your catch.
  3. jagerhunchback

    sorry for your loss pat, glad to see you going with the bait!!!
  4. changboy

    Pat, good going on the catch, sorry for the lost fish! headed stright out to the 1500 and found little life on the lake. We did get lucky at the point and picked up some tunas in the 5 lb range.
  5. hanapaakikijo

    Pat and Capt,
    Good going on what you did get. You'll get the next one for sure!
  6. Pinoy Fisherman

    Pat, after watching Wicked Ahi last night, I can only imagine how you felt when you lost yours. Nonetheless good job on your other ones. Great pics.
  7. MikeO


    Good story and nice pics! Congrats on another fine day on the water.

  8. Morris Lures

    That sucks. I hate it when u see them. I would rather not see them and lose them then see them. Atleast you still got the bite. Good going on the other action Pat and Nerlie.
  9. conor

    tough story to read. Nice Spearfish!
  10. JimmyK

    Pat, Good going on the chucker, bummers on the yellow guy! My hat's off to you, standing and fighting that big one! Good luck on the next outing - the next one got your name on it!
  11. nekine

    Nice looking spearfish and great photos. Hard luck on the monstah, hopefully the next one will find its way on the Kai Nana. Hanapaa-Spencer
  12. volcanic

    It will just be a little bigger when you catch em again next week!! Nice standup shots...a real pole benda dat buggah!!!

    Spencer, Linda Vista, are you at USD? My son went there, and when we dropped him off I told him it looked more like a resort than a college.
  14. Pupule

    Nice shortbill. Too bad on the lost fish, Pat. You sure do find the ahi, so I'm quite sure you'll make up for that one in no time.
  15. Hagimogi

    Nice catch Pat and of course awesome action pics by the photographer!
  16. grander007

    nice hebi! back when I had the boat it had a swim step which kept the line off the trim tabs but posed its own challenges...

    tight lines,
  17. johngboy_808

    Right on Pat!
  18. nodrama

    Pat and Crew great job on your fish to bad on the Ahi, next time I'm sure you'll get um!!! Until then tight lines my friend!!!
  19. shadzdad

    Was wondering when i would see that ahi report from you, but we all wish there was a different ending. Still impressed that you found them and got the bite. Tough loss but you still ended up with some good eats.
  20. patfishhi

    Thanks Steven, it hurt early, but soon let the other action fill our thoughts. Good goin' on the mahis.

    Thanks Mike, right now the live-well is 100% ghetto, still need to straighten it all up.

    Thanks Brian, good goin on the fish.

    Thanks Jeff.

    Thanks Angel, we didn't get home until after the show (wicked) aired.

    Thanks Mike.

    Thanks Nick, technically its a recognized IGFA release since I had the leader, oh to only be able to do it over agian.

    Thanks Conor, if you are talking about my story tellin' skills I'll agree with ya. I write like I think and talk, pretty scattered.

    Thanks Jimmy, stand up is the bomb, especially with 50's.

    Thanks Spence, give a shout when you get back on Island.

    Thanks Jerry.

    Steven, Spence picked up the Kai'Io, my previous boat.

    Thanks Todd, thought I'd see ya out there Sunday.

    Thanks Dean, I'll let Nerlie know.

    Thanks Eric, I should have never let him get behind the boat my bad.

    Thanks John.

    Thanks Ryan.

    Thanks Darren, we'll take 'em how ever they come.

    Here's some of the implements of destruction. From top to bottom.
    a couple of JSI's plenty mahis, also got the spear fish. 7" tady chrome=mahis, 9" M-80 tady chrome mahis, very similar to the one we lost to the ahi that morning. 9" BMF mahi and a decent unknown bite mid day. 9" private reserve also unknown good bite mid day.
    missedahi4112 015.jpg

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