Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Upper Deckz, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Upper Deckz

    Do the pods suck big time or is this just me? They leave more men on base than u can shake a stick at...why the fuck did they get rid of milton bradley? They make me sick!
  2. yellowklr

    Yes and no....The outfield sucks Donkey Balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pitching is great! If they weren't such cheap asses they could actually have a good team..
  3. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Last in the league in just about every offensive catagory, They suck, They'll be a sub 500 team this year. Dodgers and Giants suck worse
  4. yknot

    Compare their stats to the Dodgers then they are a great team. I am a Dodger fan but they may have their worst year since...
  5. GUERO

    don't sell yourself short bro, you probably suck big time too :rofl:
  6. vilters

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: funny guy. it's easy to laugh if you're a red sox fan $$$$$$
    agree, pads, read moores, try to cheap out, and it shows. pitching & defense are important, but you still gotta score some runs.
  7. hotrod

    They suck right now but its a whole year guys......AZ has yet to hit a funk or 2 this year and they will like most teams.
  8. FishWiz

    All I can say right now, it's not even fun to watch them right now. Dissapointing. And that bullpen has got to go. Just hoping for some redemption before I find myself with a thousand more hours of other things to do this season.
  9. jesse

    I'm a die hard pad fan and even I can say it.. WE SUCK RIGHT NOW!!! DONKEY BALLS. Not the kind that CALICO sucks but DB's nonetheless:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  10. Vermonster

    Hey, but all they need is great pitching, right???? :rolleyes:

    Mike, I admire your loyalty, and you know I like to give you shit ;), but seriously, what on this team scares anyone?

    Maybe Gonzalez, but it's more of respect, not fear. Nobody is afraid to pitch to these guys. You had so many "If's" in your pre-season offensive predictions, it'd take a miracle to have them all come true......

    Nobody wants to hear this name, but BONDS is still out there, and he can't be any worse in the outfield than what you have now. And, slide him in at #4, behind Kouz and ahead of Adrian, and he makes them both instantly better.......
  11. fishnRB

    Ive been a Pads fan since I was 5. The pitching(other than Peavy)has been average at best. The bullpen has been horrible. When the pitching is doing good, the offense sucks ass. They cant advance runner, and strand runners in scoring position. The offense was somewhat on last night, but the pitching frickin killed them.Hopefully they figure it out real soon. They are already 5.5 back!!!!!
  12. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Fuck Bonds, Thats the Padres problem is bringing in guys that are past thier prime. We have a lot of young talent in the system we need to use them. Padres will never be worth a shit until the open thier wallets, A

    Yes, they suck big time! Get comfortable, it's gonna be a long season. Bring some extra $$$$$ to the game to buy more of those $9.00 beers to drown your sorrows.

    What fustrates me is they have some talent, they just need a couple of more players to be a contender. Moores has more $$$$$$$ than he knows what to do with, spend it on some quality players for christ sake! Get rid of these old men!

    Yeah I know, the Padre fans wouldn't want to "Buy" a championship like the Yankees or Red Sox, then they would be just like them.............Champions. LOL
  14. fishnRB

    I agree. Jim Edmonds, what is he 40?
  15. yellowklr

    Yeah the attendance shows how much they suck
  16. dewercs

    Just out of curiousity who is leading the NL west?

    I will give you a hint, they have the best record in baseball.
  17. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    FU Mike
  18. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    San Diego sports fans better settle in as Padre fans, The Chargers wont be here after next year
  19. dewercs

    Did I catch a fish or something Bill?
  20. hotrod

    All of you guys are so funny...I mean all of you. And yes i agree the Padres suck right now, however, were only 20 games into the stop your bitching until Aug 1st. Theres alot of baseball to be played still !