Paddle vs Pedal II

Discussion in 'Kayak Fishing' started by Hook 1, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Hook 1

    And the winner is..........Rick:nutkick:
    Brad had to go to cute little phrases "get over it", words "Ignorant", and acronyms "STFU".:zelfmoord:..... If someone wants to paddle, pedal, sail, or use a trolling motor it's all good. Just get out on the water and fish.
    Boy, you know when it's raining.
  2. madscientist

    STFU and get over it you ignoramus.:D :D :D

    :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse
  3. Jig Strike

    Oh, NO!
  4. Iceman

    Ford makes the best fullsize truck:D
  5. Double Z


    You guys have SeaTow?

    Damn SeaTow!
  6. the hook

    Alright, I am going to have to start charging for that phrase.

    I think $100 vcash should cover it!

  7. Double Z

    Nope, too late. Case law has shown that once something reaches this level in society, you can't proclaim it as yours. It belongs to US now.

    Just ask the guy that came up with the diver down flag.:food-smil

    I was out with the family yesterday and we were trolling in the LJ area. On autopilot and working the lines, my wife says, "There's a couple Kayaks coming up."

    I went to the helm and looked out in front. All I saw was a couple pieces of green tupperware. No rods, no gear. I said, those don't count. We altered course to the rear of them and moved on. We did see a couple "Real" 'Yakers out. We gave them a wide berth and watched.
  8. sealskinner

    Gee Brad, you fish almost everday in a yak. In all conditions. What makes you think you know whats goin on?
  9. Smudge

    Brad doesn't know what he's talking about. Anyone who spends this much time posting on the internet is obviously and armchair fisherman like me....:D
  10. madscientist

    I've been spending all my time looking for a new yak. I found it, but I just can't decide where to mount the rod holders.


    Figure I can troll feathers and cedar plugs with this thing. It may look tricky in the surf but the pedal drive unit comes off. :D :rofl: :rofl:
  11. Smudge

    Sweet! put some batwings on it and your in business!!!
  12. Zed

    Seat's 3, Right or Left-side steer, w/Reverse, beak swings L-R to use as a boom [block not included].
  13. Iceman

    Now we are talkin:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  14. mercerm

    So Many choices.....






  15. Hook 1

    Looks dry, stable with tons of storage and a great color Zed. Just one question...Can it handle the LP surf zone.:pelvic_Th :pelvic_Th
  16. Zed


    Grandpa built Chris-Craft's in MI, when he was young.

    It's a pelican!


    i pissed my pants w/those pictures funny shiz dudes
  18. Hook 1

    What!...I was talking about the girl.LOL LOL

  20. mmiller

    This one caught my attention...

    Where does this kind of thinking come from? That a paddle only kayak will be safer in the surf that a Hobie Mirage pedal one?

    Hobies come with a paddle too.

    I have been in the surf with them and they handle as well as any kayak of similar size. Actually, the Sport is a great surfing kayak. Granted... when landing through surf, I prefer to flip the rudder up, set the drive to keep the fins flush with the hull and use the paddle. That is unless I can outrun the swell with the drive, but I would still have the paddle ready to brace against if I get turned sideways.