Pacifico- Tuna Fiesta- Finally

Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Pounder, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Pounder


    Well the tunnies have been around the whole time, but they finally started biting in the last week. And while the water isn't a beautiful blue it's cleaning up just a bit and water to the west is looking pretty good while water to the north can't make up its' mind. With temps a few degrees warmer than they have been we finally got a few good shots the past 2 days and today we nailed 5 plus a couple of dodos. That's Ruben Zuniga with the calf :rolleyes: and his bro with the dodo. Thanks Jason for the referral, Manny says he'll hook you up when you get back down. :boobies: No Bogie butterfaces either. :shake:
    I'm digging on those pec fins, thinking maybe a few Bigeyes rolled in town.
  2. brantc

    Great work Manny. Hopefully they keep biting.

    Pretty work Manny
  4. tuna helper

    Nice, work Manny....If they are in the water Manny will find them...
  5. Sluester

    Nice job!
  6. capt josh

    Nice work compa...gotta love it when the hands smell like tuna!!!

    Don't think those are bigeye's though...but you never know...
  7. lilharcher

    Manny, those are just babies:rofl: ........where are the big ones???......jk. Congrats Buddy....glad to see the tuna are back on the chew.
  8. Dizzole

    Fuckin' sweet!:beerbang:
  9. lazquilon

    damn manny, you make that big tuna look small. lol
  10. Customboatguy

    Looks like a job well done. Curious, where were you all fishing? and, what was the H20 temp?
  11. fishnfool

    Very nice. Glad to see they are on the chew again.
  12. Capt Manny Advertiser

    Whats up boy's...
    I fish corbetena,water was good clean,windy and 73temp..
    Lots of tuna guys,It's always fun watching those tunas crashing the Kite...
    Wish I was out there again today...
    Que onda Josh,Get out there amigo..
    Matt,excelent fishing out there.....

  13. Photo Ho

    Always pimping the sponsers. :-)
    Notice the clothing change between photos.
    Good job on the Fisheys.
  14. lilharcher

    Pinche "Lindsay Lohan" Manny! Pinche Fishworks!
  15. Ali Admin

    Matador de Ninos.

    Pinche Manny....


    Que onda compa?

    Nos vemos pronto way.
  16. Johnnyfish

    Nice job there Manny.
  17. Capt Manny Advertiser

    matador de ninos is right compa..hahah
    como estas Ali?
    See you soon ok...

    Thank you all...
  18. Jason Admin

    Stoked my buddies got down there and the tuna wanted to cooperate! They called me and said they were headed down for the week and I shrugged cause the reports were a little slow on tuna. Now I'm sure I'll hear it.
  19. antnmargon

    Nice work, I guess its time to get out and do some fishing!
  20. Fishnit

    Oooooooh weeeeeee!
    I'd eat that!