Pacific Quest Overnight Charter to Two Islands

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by The Sea Hag, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. The Sea Hag

    Weather and marine forecast for Tuesday looked good, so Friday before I left on the Outrider, I grabbed the last spot on the Pacific Quest.

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    We arrived at the island early. I got up and started soaking a bait with a few other passengers while we had good current. When the current slacked off to nearly nothing, I went back and grabbed another hour or so of sleep.
    Up again at gray light, as we approached something closer to daylight the white fish started biting nearly wide open. Some really nice sized fish made it to the kill box, with many more released.<o:p></o:p>
    Then they simply shut off. We all hoped maybe some seabass had scared them off. One of the anglers hooked and landed a yellowtail. I switched to a lighter sliding sinker and got bit on the next cast, landing a second yellowtail. But after a long period of nothing, Jason made a couple of moves in the cove, then headed out around the island to look for something else.
    One spot we pulled into under a high cliff with a thick kelp line produced two halibut before the anchor was done. But nothing else, and nearly nothing being metered. We probably circled the island twice, and a little after 11:00 Captain Josh said he was going to head back over the west end of Catalina, and see if there was something more happening there. I retied a couple of rigs that had seen a little action, and grabbed another nap while we made the crossing.
    We arrived at Catalina and started down the island, stopping here and there. It was pretty quiet. The Pursuit called him in, they had been sitting on one spot all day, picking a seabass every half hour or so, and were close to limits. We pulled in close, watched them land their last two and leave, and pulled in on their spot. There was a commotion on the starboard side for a few seconds, when a 15-17 pound class yellowtail cruised down the side of the boat, checking us out, but took no interest in any of the baits in the water, and cruised on by. The wind had come up, though, and it seemed the bite was over.
    Thank you to Captain Josh, who stuck at it until nearly 5:30. We called it quits and headed back in.
    We ended the day with the two yellowtail and two halibut, plus a few dozen nice sized white fish.
    I'll add a few pictures if I can get some from the chartermaster...
  2. pescadormejor

    Well Done Pam!

    Congrats of the YT!

    Another nice write up!

    I am truly jealous at how much time you spend on the water...
  3. 26grumpy

    Thanks Pam another super report. The "time" is near.
  4. squidly

    The quest is a sweet boat, Josh is awesome.
    I heard they got a 70 pounder over the weekend....
  5. spike

    Josh and the Quest go the extra mile, and he also provides friendly and personable customer service, he was trained well, I look forward to fishing with him.
    Congrats, sure beats my day.
  6. Mischief

    Thanks for the report, Pam...and Happy Bday!
  7. mexfisher

  8. The Sea Hag

    Yup... he was sure hoping (and trying REALLY hard!) to find some more of those...

    Here's a few pictures of what we did find... Yellowtail sashimi last night was REALLY good!! :rofl:





    The bigger halibut took the JP...
  9. steelonthefly

    Nice report. Thank you!
  10. harryo

    Hey Pam, great report!

  11. circlehook55

    thanks for the report, Josh works hard to find the fish and sounds like a great time.

    Tight lines
  12. PullinAhi

    Birthday yellow! Congrats and Happy birthday Pam!!
  13. The Sea Hag

    Thanks Ryan... packed and ready to go tonight again on the Outrider... Can you go out and scare some of those big seabass up my way... PLEASE...???
  14. The Sea Hag

    Yah.. Josh had a picture of it... 67.4 after they carried it around for over 24 hours. It was huge...........

    Josh busted his a** trying to put us on some fish. Yah, he's awesome. I did a trip about the same time last year and we pulled limits of WSB.