Pacific Queen 2-day - 5.6.06 - 5.7.06

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by yafool, May 8, 2006.

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  1. yafool

    Fished with Bill and crew aboard the Pacific Queen this weekend. One of my favorite boats, crew is great and Bill works hard finding the fish. Worked the same area as the New Lo-Ann the first day. Weather was shitty, turned down all the kelp. 8am, first jig strike goes off, triple on nice grade of albies, along with 3 fresh ones. all about 15-18lb fish(jackpot fish was caught in this first batch 16lb,16.5lbs, and 18lbs). A hour late, another jig strike produced a couple more. We picked off more albies till noon, but only on the troll, one or 2 at a time. We were not able to find any floating matter. We came across a log, similar to what fishingfool74 mentions in his report aboard the New Lo-An. We loaded up maybe 40 or 50 yellows, up to 10lbs with 3 drifts. The troll all afternoon produced nada... Slow, as the weather was going to hell. Winds was blowing about 18-20knots. Around 6, we picked up a lone bluefin on the mexican flag, about 25lbs. That ended the first day. Day two, fishing was even worse. First day, there was a lack of kelp. Second day, kelp was everywhere, but no one home at any of them. They were problalby all fresh off the bottem. total for the the second was a few stops of quality bonitos and 3 yellows, 2 off the troll ( better grade yellows though, up to 15lbs). All in all, it was a great trip. The crew was great and had an awesome fishing with some of the guys on the boat (there were the usualy handfull of idiots at the rail though) I will upload pictures of the fish tomorrow.
  2. tunatower1

    I agree Bill is one of the best out there! Can't wait!!! may have to get out this week !!!

  3. bajadog

    Great report foo!
  4. Mr. Len

    thanks for the report.
  5. kepdawg

    A 2 day trip like that can, and will put some glue on the bottom of some noob shoes.
    The only thing that will change that is 100+lb tuna boiling in the corner as then they have to shuffle!
    Damn I miss screamming at noobs to step/move right!
    What I don't get is anything longer than a full day trip you should need a card that says you can do the tuna shuffle before you board LMAO!
  6. 2380MIKE

    Great to hear that they are starting to show.
  7. titan05

    I was curious as to how many rods you took on this trip?....I know that Steve K says that you only take as many rods as days on the trip....I haven't figured out how to take 2.5 rods or a 3/4 on a local trip:) .

    Was just wondering what you took and line size that seemed to be the hot ticket.

    I am on the Queen this week
  8. yafool

    i bring 4 rods on a trip like this, 1 troll and 3 bait/jig. Ill bring a 20, 25, and 30# setup. 20 is all you will need for now
  9. Blackfish

    ..........."""""Damn I miss screamming at noobs to step/move right!
    What I don't get is anything longer than a full day trip you should need a card that says you can do the tuna shuffle before you board LMAO!""""""

    Stay away from the 8-22-24 two day......several kids (mine included) (10-13 yrs) and their fathers will be on this trip. Some with multi day experience and other with out. I chose the Pacific Queen because of Captain Bills clean cut no BS attitude, controls unnecessary rail aggression, and the outstanding willingness of the crew to help out "newbies", adult and children. Sometime all it takes is a little friendly info on the doo's and don't....screaming at anglers is one way of getting your point across, and also one way off getting your teeth smashed. Why can't people just chill out. Every anglers cash is green, and every angler was a "noob" or was "green" at one time in their life.
    The PQ is a class act, hopefully the anglers are as well.
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