Discussion in 'Tommy's Specials' started by M/V Santa Rosa, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

    I have a change to buy alot of OYSTERS, is anyone interested in buying them at $7.25 a DOZEN. Farm raised..

    Can i see just a head count so I can get a clear picture of this please
  2. kerchunk

    affirmative, in for a few doz.
  3. Marcus

    I'm all over at least 3-5 dozen
  4. JimPat

    I would be interested in 2 dozen
  5. K3Gixxer

    I'll get 3 dozen, and some uni....yeah the uni may not be on sale but why would anyone skip the opportunity to get the best uni on the planet....
  6. Professor

    2 doz please
  7. Tues

    I wished there was a place like this in AZ....
  8. baloot-boy

    3 dozen for me....6 dozen depending on when and if I'm having a bbq.
  9. glib

    hell yeah im good for a couple doz
  10. miguelitro

    i'll take a couple dozen!
  11. Tim Swanson

    I'm good for 3 dozen.
  12. sealskinner

    I'm down for at least 3 doz.
  13. ifish2

    2 doz