Owner or Gamakatsu???????

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by jameskim721, Jun 24, 2010.


Which is a better hook?

  1. Owner

    275 vote(s)
  2. Gamakatsu

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  1. jameskim721

    I am currently thinking of switching to a different brand of hooks. I am currently using Gamakatsu and am satisfied but thinking may be it's time for change. If there is anything you have is a better product please let me know.
  2. Jason Admin

    Mustad 94150 for everything.
    Mustad Demon Offset for Circles.
  3. fishndude

    owner,gamakatsu,mustad,they are all great hooks,there is one that is better than the rest,mustad because of the price.
  4. rza007

    If it aint broke....

    Honestly, fish dont give a shit. J's, circles, powners, gamas, mustads. All good!
  5. TrapHook22

    I use owners only. Gorillas or circles. They're sharper than Gama's or other circles. I think they are a bit thicker as well. Gorillas with a slider sinker set up for YT or WSB. Circles with a 3 way swivel and a trap rig for Halibut. Bounce balling. Hook sets itself.
  6. mcrae

    I like hayabusa hooks. Simply because they have worked for me in the past.
  7. Saluki

    I use whatever is in Cooter's tackle box. :D
  8. okie man

    mustad's for me!94140's or hoodlums. just a better value and they are more than good enough.
  9. TurdRoller

    YUP. I've seen more fish lost with Owner Flyliners than I've seen landed. That tiny little barb doesn't hold worth a shit. The Gorilla's seem way too big for their size, talk about slowing your bait down when flylining, and tuna fishing is all about bait presentation. There's a reason landing/boats have been using Mustad bronze hooks for decades...they work very well, and are very affordable. Gamakatsu for freshwater type stuff.
  10. Simon Bon Bowery

    What they say mustad 94150.
  11. Gino The Bass

    same and they have had a special at The Longfin in Orange for a while. Good Buy
  12. Legalizeit

    You hit the nail on the head. The barbs on the Owner Flyliners are way too small. After popping of more than a half a dozen quality local Yellowtail and Yellowfin last year, I made the switch to Gamakatsu and I haven't lost a fish so far once it's been hooked.

    Still looking around for the right hook for me. It's definitely not Owners.
  13. Swarthy Dago

    you friggin guys, divegod uses whatever I have in mine. lmao

    Ringed super mutu circles 2.0 and bigger
    Ringed or not offsets for smaller
  14. OFN

    They are all good hooks, but for fresh and salt mustad has never let me down.
  15. umoa

    mustads because i'm do damn cheap.
  16. mcrae

    Looking at my tackle stash I reliaze that I use them all. Different tools for different jobs.
  17. Rck

    Did the same as MCRAE did. Heck I did not realize the assortment I had. Depends on what you are fishing for is what you use. Just bring them in the boat!
  18. lingasaurus

    Shout Kudoku are the best I've found period. Not a stronger hook out there IMHO and the point and barb are beyond. Fan of owners too but not compared to a shout hook.
  19. dunum1

    Gamas suck I've broken way to many go cheep mustad wooohooooo
  20. Surfdoc

    Mustad 92677.........check em out... Offset J..

    Best by far in any situation!