outdrive failure

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by baja_driver, May 23, 2005.

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  1. baja_driver

    was moving along sunday about 15mph when the out drive loses power, RPM's race up but prop stops spinning..smoke out the back of the drive . lift the engine cover and no smoke there.. turned off motor. look around for kelp or something that I might have caught..all clear. restart engine seems okay...put her in gear and hear bad metal grinding sound out of drive. turn off motor right away. now I had just got her back from the shop and when I tested it that day(two weeks ago) I noticed a vibration from the back of the boat..thought it was just me not being used to it since they repaired a motor mount and that it was normal. motor had to be lifted in the boat to do the last repair...anyone have any idea if they have to disconnect the outdrive to lift the motor?? 25ft chris craft, mecruiser 5.0 with alpha 1 drive . is this the gimbal bearing maybe? just had that replaced last september...and did not have vibration before it went in for repair. rookie needing more help.
  2. Reel Trouble

    Ask Getagaff or Baby Giant, I know baby giant just changed out our lower and upper unit. Shoot them a PM
  3. Weazel

    You have to remove the outdrive to lift the motor. Pulling the outdrive is pretty easy just make sure you have it in forward gear. I learned the hard way. I'd also check the alginment of the motor when the drive is off.
  4. Az.monkey

    doesn't sound to pretty or really to bad to me , could be something basic. We just completely rebuilt our outdrive ( volvo ) and I can give you some people to stay away from in a pm. can you give any more details on the symptoms ????
  5. baja_driver

    it was kind of a real quick loss of power..the thing that has me worried a bit is I think I hit something about 5 minutes before I lost the drive. anyway, rpm's went up as motion stopped pretty fast. threw it in neutral and smoke was coming out of the drive. lifted the engine cover and no smoke there...turned it off and checked for anything that might be caught and the drive, no kelp or anything. started up normal and put it in gear and just a metal on metal like a U-joint went out and was banging around..out of gear and shut it down. when I got it home, noticed that two of the blades on the prop had slight tears from the edge in about a quarter of an inch. now when I tried to start the boat its like its locked in gear..feel the starter engage but motor seems locked.
  6. c-goat

    sounds like you broke a u-joint.(if prop can be turned by hand in neutral it more than likely is)
    pulling your out drive is not too difficult,as long as your are somewhat mechanically inclined,and follow the directions in your shop manual.
  7. bigbrownbuku

    pulling the alpha is very easy. control in forward, remove the 6 nuts surrounding the top section. pull the trim ram pins or rams from the rear of the drive. lift it and drop it a small amount to get it started moving, it should come fairly easily if it was removed for gimbal work recently.
  8. bigbrownbuku

    another thing to keep in mind is repair costs baja. people are giving away alphas practically. im fairly sure they cost around $1000 us for a complete replacement.
    someone else on these forums picked one up a while back.
  9. baja_driver

    thats what I am hopeing...prop still spins and by the sound it was making I wanna believe its the u-joint. the shop notice right away the dings in the prop and asked if I hit something and right away thought I might have wasted the lower unit. let them take a look and will go from there about replacing if I need. ...read a post last year where someone hit something and lost the drive 5 minutes later, sounds like same story..but did not remember what the final damage came to be.
  10. Reel Trouble

    That was us my bro BabyGiant just installed ours, shoot him a PM and ask where he got it. He drove to Dana I think so that we wouldn't have to wait for shipping. We had the same problem with ours, we were driving when snap pop engine sounded great it just had no forward or reverse! Ended up buying a brand new Alpha with warranty. The only cool thing about our drive going south was Vessel assist, when he came and got us we were like so what speed are you trolling us in at? He answered about 10 Kts sound good? Really nice guy and thank G for VA without it our tow would have been $1,000 at least.
  11. baja_driver

    lower unit is gone...will find out if its rebuildable today or if I will need a new one..I feel a call to BABYGiant coming...? anyone ever check these guys out? I just ordered the upper and lower for half the price..

  12. baja_driver

    new usit is in...feels pretty nice compared to what it was before...must have been going bad before I hit whatever I hit. prop fixed and complete new outdrive. I know I will be doing the work if I ever have to replace that one again. thanks for the help guys..if anyone needs price info just pm.