Outboard Motor Bracket Preferrence?

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by fishchasr, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. fishchasr

    Okay, I finally picked up a Yamaha T9 long shaft kicker and now considering mounting options. 1998 Bayliner 2052 Trophy I/O, full length custom swim platform so obviously I'll have to modify it by cutting off one fourth of the platform or cutting a hole in it and dropping it through. I also have 8" trim tabs to keep clear of.

    I know I need a 4-stroke mount that can handle the extra weight (115 lbs) and high torque. Any other thoughts or recommendations?

    Which manufacture do you prefer? Panther, Garelick, OMC, CMC or other? Is there a particular reason you prefer one over the other?
  2. vwlure

  3. Trayscool

    I had a panther on my old boat. I liked it a lot. YTou are going to hate the added weight of that motor hanging off one side of your boat.
  4. fishchasr

  5. fishchasr

    All options considered, I'm thinking to keep it portable and only install it for off-shore running. I don't really need it to troll for salmon in Puget Sound and the only two benefits I see to having it permanently mounted are 1) fuel efficiency for trolling and 2) as a backup motor should the main engine have a mechanical problem.

    Yeah, I know the extra weight is gonna suck. If it wasn't a safety issue, I probably wouldn't install one at all.