Oside Report 2/12 with Simon Bon Bowery

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by DaGoose, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. DaGoose

    Fished today with Simon (Bon Bowery). We dropped the old glasspar in at 8:00 and headed south to see if we could scratch up a flattie bounceballing.

    Simon, Otto and I have spent a few hours together with the MLPA stuff, but never had the pleasure to share a day on the water together.

    So I briefly showed Simon the ropes for bounceballing and he picked it up quickly. We pounded sand and got a decent biter around 10:30 on the blue UV dredge. Simon did a fine job bringing her up, but after a brief glimpse of color, the hook pulled. Nothing huge, but probably 24 inches or so.

    We kept pounding sand. It was a perfect February day on the water; warm, sunny and flat. Made a move around 2:00 to try a few more areas since the tide swing was over. Simon's rod went off on the dodger rig and she was peeling drag........and kept going. Not a flattie but maybe a yellow or white sea bass we hoped.

    Chased her down for a bit and finally saw color. It was a juvey T-shark maybe 60lbs or so, that managed to get hornswaggled in the spectra really good. After a bit of de-tangling and reviving, she swam off like a champ. Simon's first Tshark.

    Saw a whale and plenty of porpoise too.

    Otto.........dude........it would have been way too sweet to watch you catch that fish my man......... we'll get out together someday soon with you and your Pops so no worries mate!!!

    Hit a few more spots for no joy. But it was a most excellent February day on the water. It's all good.

    Tight Lines,


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  2. ConSeaMate

    Otto for President!........WTG Simon!.......
  3. bottomdweller

    That water looks great for Feb, bring on a better year!
  4. Carl

    Wish I was out with you guys! I was stuck with Frank today:rolleyes:
    Beautiful day to be on the water.
  5. Bank Robber

    Sounds like a fun day to me!

    Is it me or does it look like Simon wants to eat that T Shark LOL
  6. Maniniboy

    Water looks super blue! Looks like a fun day
  7. Simon Bon Bowery


    I think your sunscreen is broke, I'm burnt to a crisp....LOL
    Thanks for the fun day on the water.


    I was thinking about eating it, then posting on BD "I killed a baby T thread."
  8. I'M OFF

    Killer out there today, Saw a few guys at the ramp today. Good for you guys
  9. tsurikichi

    Hi DaGoose,

    Looks like DaGoose had the juice to get the ball rolling ....er ..... bouncing !!
    Nice report and pics !!

  10. Fishbones

    I'll bet lunch was disapointing with Simon on board.[​IMG]
  11. DaGoose

    Dean, here's how that part of the "revival" conversation went:

    Me: OK, she's finally untangled. If you hold the fish Simon, I'll take a pic"
    Simon: "She's not moving, might have to take her after all"

    Fishbones, Simon brought a bucket of KFC for lunch, it was good!

    Simon, that sunscreen can't be bad, it's only been on the boat for 10 years.......sorry to hear you got fried. We had fun doing it though!!!!!

    Tommy, not sure when you were at the ramp, but let's just say it was in full summer form when we pulled out :zelfmoord:zelfmoord

    Tight Lines,

  12. Bank Robber

    Its not too late :D LOL
  13. Scarleg

    Nice job guys....
    Maybe I can get out on the boat with you soon Rick.My hands are healing up nicely after those surgeries.Might not be able to pull on the fishies...but I can make sure your doin everything right:hali_olutta:
    i almost lost my blue uv dredge on a t-shark with shitbird...they love those things
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2011
  14. 26grumpy

    Good times !
  15. Tunaslam

    Nice weather makes it all worth while Goose, catching a few fish, even better!
  16. Chilin N Killin

    hay its Otto I went to the desert when you went fishing with my dad, but I'd love to go fishing with you really soon to catch some Hallsy
  17. All Business

    Always good reading your reports DaGoose !
  18. DaGoose

    Otto..........no worries my man. We'll get out there very soon!!!! Heck, we would have caught that flattie if you were there. A couple of old guys did their best, but we need some fresh Chillin!!!!