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  1. imblane

    Finally got the boat on the water after a costly carb rebuild from the boat sitting while I made an unplanned trip to the Sandbox. Busy launch ramp, but got her in fine and got a nice scoop of Dines then headed out about 6 miles off the C'bad powerplant. Water was deep blue and 70-70.7. Put out a BOM and a big angry Rapala and trolled north for about 2 hours for nada. Saw a few paddys, but nobody home. Lots of bait in the water, but nada. Ran back inside to try to get the skunk off near the barn kelp. A few raked baits but nothing more, again, a ton of bait in the water=fish not hungry. Tried a few more spots down the line for nada, then finally hooked something solid near the golfball, only to have it break the line at deep color. No idea what it was, but gone now. Pulled the boat about 2pm. Saw a few guys with rat yellows from offshore paddys, but not much else... Oh well, that's why they call it fishin. :nopity: Good day on the water none the less.
  2. Seagina

    Thank you for the report. I see all these other guys with fish... I've been dealing (minus macs, & few bass) with a fishless boat for awhile now.... especially when I'm flushin the engine at home... all the neighbors yelpin out...
    what did you catch? My response.. a TAN... this is becoming the norm...and it must change soon.

    we ended up going south Sat. june3 in front of the cbad campgrounds.... nothingin my secret headed straight out on heading 240and went lookin for sharks.... saw a sun fish.... no paddies...hit the 7 mile mark..then headed back to oside.... home by noon. next weekend!