Oregon Crabber Busted Stealing

Discussion in 'Oregon Fishing' started by Tower Todd, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Tower Todd

  2. coryellk

    A friend of mine found a similar type of criminal who was checking trot lines and stealing crawfish pots in southern Louisiana. My friend discovered him at the bottom of the bayou wrapped in trot lines weighted with concrete-filled coffee cans. He could've been a nice guy too.
  3. Shocktower

    Thats what they should do with this guy you know the OSP to make it legal instuff :Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above:,I hate theifs and takers
  4. Mo

    Pot theft is a big problem up here in my area.
    Alot of the pots are made at the same place so all they do is change out the line,buoys and tags.

    That, and run other peoples gear.
    Should treat em like they used to horse thieves..hang-em...
  5. Bob5

    The man is a thief not an outdoorsman/crabber. No better than the guy who robs the little old lady of her purse. Cut off one of his hands. That should cure the problem.
  6. finishright

    nothing worse than a theif sealing someones livelyhood my pops was a lobsterman found someone stealing their pots caught him dropped his outboard to the bottom let the CC know there was a guy drifting off waianae it took 6 hrs to get to a phone!!! i think let the fisherman deal with him