Only 280 submittals on Voters Voice to date

Discussion in 'Washington Fishing Rights' started by Fishin' Luhrs, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Fishin' Luhrs

    Come on guys and gals. Speak now!
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  2. Tower Todd

  3. Doug V

    I got 'er done Saturday. And forwarded it on to a few more guys.
  4. Dances with Fish

    Done and sent to everyone I know.
  5. Jermz

    Did it yesterday.
  6. BugeaterInWa

    The DW and I just submitted ours.

    Thanks again for making this so easy!
  7. JKIII

    Submitted mine the day it was released... and emailed to dozens of friends.

    I don't think people understand the ramifications of this. Every single recreational fisherman needs to oppose this measure.

    Can we get media involved, ASAP? Anyone know anybody inside a big TV Network or Radio DJ that could get ALL recreational fisher's attention??? ASAP, as in yesterday?

    Facebook app- I see that now... Holiday Market newsletter? I can try to get Anthon to send a group email.

    This is as big as it gets, we lose our voice if the Commission goes away... ... ...
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  8. vanilla gorilla

    done and done
  9. TooManyHobbies

    I sent in mine, and forwarded it to several others.
  10. tunaahelper


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