Only 280 submittals on Voters Voice to date

Discussion in 'Washington Fishing Rights' started by Fishin' Luhrs, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. Fishin' Luhrs

    Come on guys and gals. Speak now!
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  2. Tower Todd

  3. Doug V

    I got 'er done Saturday. And forwarded it on to a few more guys.
  4. Dances with Fish

    Done and sent to everyone I know.
  5. Jermz

    Did it yesterday.
  6. BugeaterInWa

    The DW and I just submitted ours.

    Thanks again for making this so easy!
  7. JKIII

    Submitted mine the day it was released... and emailed to dozens of friends.

    I don't think people understand the ramifications of this. Every single recreational fisherman needs to oppose this measure.

    Can we get media involved, ASAP? Anyone know anybody inside a big TV Network or Radio DJ that could get ALL recreational fisher's attention??? ASAP, as in yesterday?

    Facebook app- I see that now... Holiday Market newsletter? I can try to get Anthon to send a group email.

    This is as big as it gets, we lose our voice if the Commission goes away... ... ...
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  8. vanilla gorilla

    done and done
  9. TooManyHobbies

    I sent in mine, and forwarded it to several others.
  10. tunaahelper

  11. Jaksonbrown

    I sent an email opposing this bill and actually got a reply back from Rep Dunshee. To bad it was a moronic reply for pathetic reasoning... Read the reply the good Representative Dunshee gave....

    Dear Cory:
    Thank you for your email. I don't like this bill either. I sponsored it out of respect for the Governor and to the keep the discussion going.


    What kind of dipsh$t sponsers a bill that he doesent believe in... to Kiss the ass of a worthless governer is why!! Pathetic!
  12. gray bear

  13. Fog Ducker!

    Done and sent on.

  14. outtadablu

    Sent mine in, plus whole family sent them in. Then I explained to everyone in the office what an asshole I was going to be if I couldn't go fishing, so they all quickly sent them in and told their kids to do it also. I also took the time to call each of my representitives to make sure there is no misunderstanding on my position. Look up your representatives from votervoice or other sources and call their offices. There is nothing that hits:smash: home better than a quick conversation with their office.
    Use this link to find and call!!
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  15. Glad Wrap

    Just did mine and the wifes
  16. ploughman

    Done. Why can't they just respect what we vote for in the 1st place? And they wonder why we just keep getting more pissed off.
  17. dragonballs

  18. Fishin' Luhrs

    370 as of this morning. Keep it up
  19. Cougfish

    Sent mine yesterday. Now I also see that some senator and DNR are questioning the new crab allotments and making quite a stink on the commies behalf. The sportsmen are getting it from all sides like usual.
  20. Johnny Dollar

    If any of you BDers particpate on any hunting bulletin boards, would you please bring this voter voice issue to their attention?

    Like Ron said "This is for all the marbles"

    Fishing AND Hunting