Olympic Hockey

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by jscrib, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. jscrib

    Been watching all the games.

    USA plays Canada next. I hope we win.

    That is all.

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  2. moto110

    what channel? i cant findit
  3. Saluki

    Me neither.

    NBC don't carry shit......... except mens ice skating.

    What channel are the hockey games on ??
  4. Carl

    Should be a good game.
    I've been watching the Hockey too.
    Have you noticed all the tension in the booth between JR and Milbury?
    I'm thinking, even odds that those two ''drop the gloves" in the booth...
  5. jscrib

    During the week CNBC has been covering the games. Today MSNBC has Norway vs Switzerland.

    I love how many NHL guys play in the Olympics. Teams like Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia etc are loaded with All Stars.

    Check this out:


  6. Carl

    I'm watching Mens curling :gay: on MSNBC......It's on overtime or extra innings, whatever...
  7. jscrib

    Suffering through the same. They should just cut curling when hockey starts.

  8. Carl

    WTF :confused: I've got Sweden/Norway......
  9. moto110

    what channel is msnbc i cant find it
  10. Saluki

    Cool, thanks!

    I'm drinking the last Coors you left over here and thinking of you right now. :_grope__NFU:
  11. Carl

    I checked Salukis link. But, it didn't give me a time for US/Canada...
  12. Carl

    Noway/Switzerland = great game. 4-4 in the 3rd....Norwegian dude just completed the hat trick to tie it up....
  13. Saluki

    Great game!

    Winning goal was set up by a beautiful pass... caught the goalie totally out of possition.

    Thanks for the heads up on the other channels providing coverage of the games.
  14. Carl

    Definitely a great game. Anytime you get the game winner in overtime is exciting. Swiss 5-4
    Whens US/ Canada?
  15. Saluki

  16. jscrib

    Yup, great game for the bottom two teams in their bracket.

    Swiss did take Canada to a Shoot Out the other night. That was nice.


    PS. Salucock, Jessica really liked your house and would be willing to visit again if you provide food for her and beer for me. :hali_olutta:
  17. petersmt

    USA is looking like they should give Canada a run on Sunday.

    Go Kings.... I mean Go USA!!!!
  18. Gil Marlin

  19. jscrib

    Here we go.

  20. Saluki

    Russkies are playing on the other channel against the cheques.