Old school commercial tuna fishing video

Discussion in 'Hawaiian Fishing Forum' started by wisebob, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. wisebob

  2. F15hK1ll3r

    thats an awsome vid man thanks.

  4. Morris Lures

    Badass video.
  5. 714aheim

    your almost there Juaqine
  6. waterguy

    I like good old days. Thanks, that was great.
  7. qcfish

    Nice video! I used to catch albacore like that but they were only 20-30 pounds. I never did the 2 or 3 pole tuna. They only showed the squid poles, the bait poles were fun too.
    You would hook an anchovy to a barb-less hook, cast it out using the same pole, pull in the fish under your armpit, unhook the fish, drop it and re-bait your hook. It was a little slower but a lot more technique.
    My first trip, I lost a couple of poles. The tuna would hit it so fast and if your pole tip was too low, the tuna would pull the pole out of your hands because you had no leverage.
  8. hb1111

    that was unreal
  9. spooledagain

    Man now thats WFO yeah! Nice video thanks for posting!
  10. cksea

    I could even get bit on that stop.
  11. The Jerry Dean

    I haven't seen fishing like that since I watched Green Wasabi in action!LOL Thanks for the cool vid man.
  12. lynndeva

    that video has been posted a few times here, it's a good one.
  13. jbmolly

    Thats awesome! Has anyone here ever saw them School up like that and bust the top of the water in that big of an area?
  14. Magneto


  15. poidog

    the guy with the army helmet ready to battle