Old #7 Report 8/6

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by tunajeff, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. tunajeff

    Just got back in from a trip 70+ miles out west past the fly.
    The fish were on the move today.
    15 albies, had to leave early due to 1 day trip, they are moving into 1 1/2 day range soon.
    Boat stopped 4 times on Natural Cedar Plug & Mexican Flag Jet Head.
    We had 10kts of wind with a slight "popcorn" condition in the afternoon.

    Saturday we fished down the beach at 50-55 nm for easy limits of quality tails on a couple of very productive kelps. Sunday (2nd day of a two day) we fished bass down the mexican coastline for really good bite on some large model bass. Great mix of the offshore and inshore fishing on a 2 day.

    We still have a few openings in August and numerous days available in September, including some weekend days.
  2. beauzie

    Thanks Jeff. Hope to get us some of that tomorrow, weather pending. Spot any kelp out there today?
  3. Robin Hood

    Report much appreciated. The details too.

    Good luck on your next trip.
  4. 1:11

    Why not post a few photos of your satisfied customers. Some fish coming over the rail or a bendo makes the report more fun. Also, you can email the pics to your chartermaster, they will love it. Heard alot about the OldNo7, wouldnt mind seeing photos to see how the boat looks and all that. Good luck. Nice report.
  5. Jason Admin

    Yeah Jeff. He wants to see the pics of Nick driving the boat at night...
  6. itrytofish

    tunajeff<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_752376", true); </SCRIPT>


    Name: Jeff
    Age: 41
    Vessel: 42' Uniflite
    Location: Huntington Beach
    Job: Fisherman
  7. jrs66vette

    Guys, I was the charter master on the 2 day Jeff's talking about..GREAT TRIP, 4 guys from work and #2 son went. Great Yellows on Sat. with some Yellow Fins also. The guys decided to head to Jeff's favorite Bass area on Sunday for limits on S Bass and Rock Cod, 5 Lings and 1 WSB. Second time on the OLD #7, Jeff and Nick are a FIRST CLASS 6 PACK. Highly recomend. Sorry about no pics, will post later.
  8. medunn16

    Thanks Jeff great report!Dick and I are working on getting down,,,,,,,We'll see!
  9. johnsangler

    Thanks for the report Jeff, See you in 2 1/2 weeks. Keep tabs on those yellowtail for me OK. maybe there will be some yft by then. C-ya JJ