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Discussion in 'Anywhere Fishing Reports' started by edwardd, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. edwardd

    Went fishing with Salty Rod Charters last Sunday. We got bit by two marlins but both got away. It would have been better if I actually had the experience of being inside a boat that catches a marlin and at the same time land it inside the boat. The boat caught Mahi mahi and some small tunas and one amberjack. I wish my fishing gear already arrived from Cali so I would not have to pay rental gears. I hope it would be better next time. Enjoy the pics :)

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  2. makohunterz

    still an awesome catch on the dodos bummer on the marlin though
  3. Bank Robber

    Nice dodos!!
  4. OlDirtyJohn

    sweet fish, and nice report! im out here on Oki as well. only fishing ive done so far is some spear fishing. i got some gear you can use if you want to go out some time.
  5. guitarvp

    Great pics! Just got on island about 3 weeks ago and I'm itching to get on the fish. Anybody know how far out the nearest FAD is? My kayak is on its way and i was thinking if the distance isn't too ridiculous, I might find my way out to a nearby FAD....
  6. edwardd

    I'm going out this weekend for another deep sea, if there is a spot left I can ask if they can add you in the list. It's 8500 yen, bait included, bring your own fishing pole and reel for this trip.
  7. edwardd

    I would not even dare go out far from the island because of the waves and obviously it's not safe. You should try deep sea fishing first in the island so you'll have an idea how crazy the waves goes around the island. The weather is also unpredictable when you are out there. PM me if you are interested too and if you need a gear.
  8. echo1er

    the only reason I would go back to the rock. Fishing and diving. Nice report show us some pics of the cooking as well.
  9. Ali Admin

    Great report and nice mahis.
  10. edwardd

    Ty, I'll try to post the grilled mahi. I'm going out again this weekend, you can't beat $100 fishing trip where you can catch dorados, tuna, marlin, amberjack, wahoo. The best part is that it's only 1-2 hours from the shoreline plus no fishing license needed.
  11. guitarvp

    Thanks for heads up! I'll keep my kayak fishing in close then, maybe out to the reef edges. Thanks for the invite, let me check and see if I have anything going on at work and I'll definitely let you know!
  12. edwardd

  13. edwardd

    PM me if you are going? thanks
  14. edwardd

    Went out fishing again last weekend and caught this mahimahi. The best part is that my wife beat me in fishing by catching 1-25lb mahi, 2 football size skip jacks, and 4 football size yellow fin tunas.

    - Doc D

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  15. edwardd

    my wife with here first mahi mahi. She also caught a few tunas and skipjacks.

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  16. DoinWorkBo

    Nice dodos!
  17. @-EZ


    Congrats to her. Keep the reports coming.

    Some of us on here have been there, done that, and really appreciate the trips down memory lane.

  18. edwardd

    It's been raining here lately. I'm hoping that I can catch my first marlin
    before I leave this Island in 2015. I went out last month and I saw 2 guys that visited Okinawa just to fish that weekend. They had a blast because they caught 1 wahoo, 1 mahimahi, and a bunch of yellow fin tunas and skip jacks.