Ok, where is the bar set for Cows?

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Surfdoc, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. Surfdoc

    Q105 came into the docks on Monday with

    59 YFT over 200#'s

    So is this going to be the record to beat?? Which boat will hit 60???
  2. barracuda Killer

    Depends on whos charter it is. alot of Fishing clubs in LA have old farts that can only pull one / two fish a day. get some ignorant charter with 20 guys under say..........50, and you might do some damage. plus it would also depend on if they used short or long topshot....oops :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  3. jbarto

    Also, how about largest cow of the season?
  4. wahoodad

    Uh, ahem. I guess you missed the fact the Royal Polaris came in the same day with 67. I dunno, some say 68. It gets kind of confusing.
    And the Excel is going to seal the deal for good. The Excel has bigger holds, and lots of horsepower on this trip.
    The problem for most boats is the fact the holds get full too quick.
  5. branman

    We had 67 on Monday on a 10 Day and I believe the Excel will arrive with over 70 when they return from thier 17 Day.

    It is all relative due to the trip length and hold sizes on the various boats.

    Lets not forget these are awesome catches reguardless of how many over 200
  6. Captain Curt

    Amen Bruther.............


    The boat Hanna..........
  7. Surfdoc


    That is unreal..... Missed the facts David....

    OK who is breaking 100........... the Indy ?

    Which boat has the biggest holds?
  8. Surfdoc

    I have to agree Bran... just bummed I'm finacialy forced to be a spectator for this .....

    Should have taken your advice.. sold the boat.. killed cow tuna and taken up gaywater fishin...:High_Five
  9. wahoodad

    Please, don't ask, I'm pleading the 5th ammendment.
  10. Surfdoc

  11. ?? fisherman

    The start of this thread just shows how rapidly these records are being broken.

    50+ cows, done

    Over 60, done

    Over 67, said to be done already........


    I envy you guys that are able to pull off these LR trips right now, unfortunately I am in the same boat as stan!!:mad:

    Some absolutely unbelievable fishing being done right now!!

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  12. Mot's Sr.

    Its all relavent Dude.

    But here is a bar set, I don't know if the cow's can use it :) :)

  13. Mstonefish

    Hey Mike, you can always go to PV...................................................

    as long as you use short topshots and circle hooks!:rolleyes: :D:rofl: :rofl:
  14. Saluki

    I heard today the Excell has 75 on board and still fishing............... we'll see if it's true or not.
  15. The Notorious S.U.A

    Indy and the Excel

    then the RRIII and the Royal Polaris

    Then the Shogun and the 105

    Royal star, Polaris supreme and the American Angler are all about the same, with the star being the largest of the three

    **EDIT** the RRIII dosent have the holds that the Royal Polaris has.
    thanks David.

    after that i dont know.
  16. tunachris

    Think I'm going to try to kill a cow with my Newell 220, 30 lb. Power Pro, and a MEDIUM length topshot of #16 Ande Tournement.
  17. Holi-e-Mackeral


    Remember, the Excel trip only had (I believe) 22 anglers.. so the record catch that they will weigh in a couple of days will be made by 10 or more fewer anglers...

    So you can do a cow per angler statistic..

    tight lines.. Jeff
  18. whitefish

    I don't see the comparision....your comparing a 10-day RP trip to a 17-day Excel trip....that's a whole lot more time to fish and to make a couple mistakes and end up in the right spot with still 5 good days to fish...reading the report it looks like that's what happened....Our (10-day) first two days in the zone sucked we had maybe 12 total fish on the boat...day 3 (24) day 4 (42)....we ended up with 30 over 200# most caught on day 4....I just think if your going to have records there should be records by length on trip
  19. tunawrestler

    I understand what you are saying. I was on the Excel trip and we plugged the holds in 3 days. We had a lot of time to release fish.
  20. Holi-e-Mackeral


    There should be a record for a 10 day trip and an 18 day trip...

    The catches for the 10 day trips are truly remarkable when one considers that they had 4 days fishing in the zone to get the job done...

    I would hope that the Excel would have a higher weight per cow than the other boats as they had the luxury (luck) to be able to select which fish to tag.

    Either way, I have a feeling that it may be a long time until someone matches the Excel's catch.. or, maybe until the next dark of the moon..

    Tight lines.. Jeff