Ohhhhh... Canada!

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Special Ed, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Special Ed

    I'm headed out to Ontario for clean air, clear water, and cold beer. Oh yeah, some outstanding fishing as well!

    I'll post a report with pics when I get back, June 6th or so.

    Before I forget, SHOP NOAH'S!!!!!!

    Kevan hooked me up BIG TIME, and got my AVET to me in 1 day straight from AVET!

    Thanks again brother!

  2. Mot's Sr.

    Ed, have a good time up there man, bitchen country, lots of places to fish
  3. locobro

    Go get em Ed! We want pictures, nuggets I say!:High_Five
  4. fishin4fun

    Hey Ed, bring back a passle of them cigars for your buddy's:_shopping I really hope you are able to spend some quality time with your family and kill the fish to boot. But when you get back, like it or not, we're getting your ass on someones boat so you can get a tuna. So whose with me? :finger:
  5. Az.monkey

    You didnt tell nobody could you go no place :D

    Enjoy Ed , We can probably arrange for a tuna trip or 2
  6. Go 'Crew

    where in Canada are you going? I have been to about a dozen fly-ins and they are a blast!!
  7. Special Ed


    Report with more pics to follow
  8. Sluester

    That looky like a Walleyepike type feeesh?!:cheers: