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  1. Bigdawg1018


    Planning a charter with about 20 guys this summer in San Diego what landing, boat etc???

    Would like to target
    Yellowtail, Dorado, Tuna, whatever else.

    Thank you in advance for the advise.
  2. fly liner

    Dominator they operate out of point loma now

    Definatly dominator I dont care if you want to rock fish bass fish tuna fish go dominate them on the DOMINATOR. :urno1: I my opinion.

    How long of a trip did you have in mind I think they can run up to 3 days if not 2.5 for shure.
  3. Fishbones

    Producer out of H&M landing
  4. Johnny J

    A few variables to consider. Comfort, cost, time of trip during summer (early or late), Time of trip during week (week day or weekend).
  5. richardbarclay

    We like to charter the Cortez. Seaforth Landing, Mission Bay. Captain Jim Hughes. Get it done crew. GREAT galley. 20 passengers is perfect for this boat, and if there are fish around when you charter the Cortez, you can catch some fish sometimes. Give Rambo a try!
  6. echo1er

    been following the fishing report on the Cortez. They know where to go.
    Thats perfect.
  7. Bigdawg1018

    overnighter or 1.5

    roughly 20 guys

    best time?
  8. rdrrm8e

    Pacific Voyager out of Seaforth. Easy parking and GREAT boat and crew!

    We have chartered that boat well over 50 times in the past several years.
  9. amnajar

    The Apollo out of Fisherman's Landing, they happend to have some space on their calendar in september. Its a great operation and JJ is one of the best captains in the fleet. Dont get my wrong, there are plenty of choices out there of great boats with great captains, but I fish on the Apollo 2 times a year and can personally vouche for them
  10. bluefinbob

    The Apollo we have been fishing with JJ for 10 years, great boat and crew. Also take a look at the Eclipes nice boat and good crew.
  11. Captain Curt

    X2...............second to none.


    The boat Hanna............
  12. mercerm

    Ditto that. Be sure to fish with the wind at your back and a coffee cup on the rail. He loves that...
  13. garrironman

    try the pacificstar
  14. radman

    Surprised that no one mentioned the Daiwa Pacific...Ken runs a great operation.