Offshore vs. Inshore

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by DivemasterJ, May 24, 2010.

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  1. DivemasterJ

    What are the classifications and details ion nautical miles for these two descriptions for proper posting? Anyone, feel free to advise and explain if it is just this site.....

    Offshore to me equates to 200 miles plus.....No?
  2. nefarious235

    If you can anchor....inshore. All others offshore sounds more like what I figure for So.Cal. IMHO
  3. Mix-A-Lot

    I compare off shore to a overnight boat for tuna and inshore 3/4 or 1/2 day boat.
    But that might just be me..

    my theory is once you cant see land your offshore!!! 200 miles is definitely offshore! nice first post though welcome to BD!
  5. DivemasterJ

    Thank you gentlemen for the imput and thank you for the welcome kyle.......look forward to contributing to the madness! "once you cant see land".....what about restricted visibility!?!?!

    I just got info from one of the BD reps on posting my boat for fishing and dive spearfishing charters, hopefully this year I can make my boat pay for itself!
  6. FisherMon

    This is a quote from yahoo answers:

    "In saltwater, offshore fishing is fishing far enough from shore that the bottom structure doesn't matter. You get tuna and marlin in water thousands of feet deep, trolling and looking for moving fish or schools of fish. That's offshore fishing.

    Inshore, you look for fish which are orienting on the bottom structure, whether you're fishing near the surface or on the bottom. While you don't always anchor for this kind of fishing, the water is shallow enough that you could. In general, inshore fishing is done within a few miles of shore, offshore is farther out."
  7. skifisher

    Pretty good general definition, so from SD just past the 9 I would guess. Stucture offshore DOES matter tho, as far as upwellings go, but your not gettin fish "off" the structure per se.
  8. mcrae

    In the Northeast we fish the Canyons. We are still offshore but the bottom matters. Folks on the Westcoast used to fish offshore for rockcod. The bottom mattered but anglers were still fishing offshore. I think offshore has more to do with where you are on the contenental shelf.
  9. fishpelagic

    over 1000 feet deep
  10. captjeffjones

    I have fished albacore (offshore) and then anchored on the Cortes Bank for the night and caught calico bass. I'd consider fishing calicos on the "Cortes" inshore fishing, even though it's 100 miles offshore. That's just me. When we fish for marlin, tuna or dorado we are fishing high spots on the ocean floor, but it's still offshore fishing. Maybe it has something to do with the species we're targeting. I don't think it's all that complicated. You don't see many marlin reports on the "inshore" section or halibut reports on the "offshore" section.
  11. basims

    Sounds good to me
  12. c-goat

    What ever happened to Pauly Shore?
    and Johhny B?
  13. alien4fish

    offshore is when you cant see land anymore, and your fish finder cant see the bottom of the ocean floor.....................thats when you start thinkin about how prepared your boat is and the counter measures that are in place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. troutman775

    well do you consider fishing la jolla canyon offshore fishing....... i mean its 3200' deep, but its only a half mile off the beach...
    fucking idiots

    let me know on the spearfishing!!!
  16. 8urbait

    10 miles plus, 1000 feet plus = offshore
  17. neatnick

    generally, just for the boards i think its trends to what folks are actully fishing for and the style of fishing, not the term as its meant for navigation or jurisdiction.

    offshore is generally targeting palagic fish, ie tuna, marlin, and hopping the padies while on the troll. this is usually seasonal and the offshore board gets pretty slow till the first hints of albacore and bluefin start showing up in the spring.

    inshore is usually year round and covers every thing from bassing in the kelp, rockfish, etc to the lobster season. noticed must of the folks out sharking post here too.

    200 miles offshore is a hell of away to go for most pb'ers in socal and the sea's are much differant then they are inside the islands.

    just my 2 cents