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    The weather got to us over the weekend although we made it out every day I only had free reign to run around one day and that was only for about half the day before the storms built. Had a weird weather pattern with that stalled cold front although we did manage to find yf every day. I had Tommy Gray and his friends in on friday. They wanted a quick shot at tuna and plenty of aj fun. We picked up one tuna in the morning on a live pogie and then went aj fishing and they pounded the ajs. We put our limit of six in the box and then caught and released another six more before we moved onto grouper. The current and sharks played hell with our grouper fishing but we did jig up one scamp. Also dropped some big baits deep for a warsaw. The first one we hooked broke off but the second one produced a nice fat one to bring home to dinner. The storms developed then and we headed in to the dock. On day two I had Matt Launkitus and his group in from houston. Started out with a pair of nice yf in open water on frenzy poppers. Tried a couple rigs with no luck and then rolled south to a drillship. Caught one there and lost a few due to bad luck. The weather was developing so we headed north to a closer in rig just in case it got worse (it did) While we were on the shelf though we picked up three more nice yf on live bait before the lightning ran us in with six yf in the box.

    Mike Pittman also went out that day and had some luck in open water. He stopped on a 4 foot piece of grass to try and catch bait and marked a couple fish so he dropped a live bait down and picked up a 110 pound yf which was a heck of a bonus. He ended up with 4 on the day.

    Sunday Was the worst day for weather and for fishing. I got two yf in the morning before the rain, wind, lightning, and thunder rolled in on us and sent us to the dock. Most of the fish came on live hardtails on 60 pound leader although a few over the weekend were caught on topwater.

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