Offshore Venice La 12/4/08

Discussion in 'Louisiana Fishing' started by capteddie, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. capteddie

    Ran a couple trips on private boats this week. Started out on tuesday with a small craft exercise caution in effect. There was no wind at the dock and half the crew decided to go home. We still had the owner and two other people who wanted to try some inshore fishing. (I still wanted to go offshore cause the wind had died) We bought some live shrimp and tried a couple spots before I suggested we run to the gulf to at least see if it was calm. We hit the gulf and kept on going. It was almost slick with about a 3 foot swell. Headed out to a rig and saw plenty of skippies and small blackfin. Caught a bunch of them on oti jigs and started to chunk. Managed to go 2 for 3 on football yfs before they turned off and we called it a day.

    On wed it was forecast to be rough and guess what it was rough. Headed out to the east because it was too nasty to go south. Ran about 65 miles due east and found the 30 pound yf ready and willing to bite. Caught 7 on live bait and one on a jig as well as a bunch of blacks on OTI Jaeger jigs. Called it a day about 115 and started the long trek back to shore. Ended up with 8 yf and 7 and a half blackfin in the box.

  2. inSTANt bendo

    Thanks for the report. Really appreciate the pics of dead YFT and wahoo while all we have are damned rockfish and bonita.
  3. scorch

    Very nice!!! Thanks for the report!
  4. mc08066

    Everytime I see your pictures I check my Southwest ticket vouchers and gear to see if I want to use them. Thanks for sharing, had not gotten a fresh report in over a week so did not need to review flights for a while. Then all of a sudden a report shows up today. Now I need to check flights again. Might be time for a job interview in New Orleans.