offshore san quintin. day 2

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by nick17yz, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. nick17yz

    we headed for the point this morning to meet up with Kellys buddie on the hana pa. (private yacht)sp?. they were kind enough to stoke us out with a tank of mixed bait. the bait situation here has been tough.

    we then headed offshore to the tuna waters. at 20 miles we had some 67 degree water. we then put the trollers in and headed to the 30 mile point.
    about the 25 mile mark we had a troller buzzing. we were then dropping jigs and trying to get a double or triple going. my buddy Wink reeled in a nice 20 lb class bluefin. we were soaking bait and threw some too. then kelly got bit on the fly line. then it spit. then kelly rebaited and got bit again for a short fight to get spit again. we saw boilers all around us..

    i then rebaited a smaller sardine to get wacked 20 ft off the stern. yahhhoooooo. im on!!! 25lb on my 197 accurate was perfect for this. after a nice milked 10 min fight we had 2 nice bluefin in the kill bag.

    we soaked a little longer before we set the trollers out again. after a little while we came accross a big paddie. we pulled the trollers in and threw some live bait on it. instant hook up, full speed, wfo yellows. it was awesome. i got one in and then i threw a small mega bait at the kelp to get hammered again. i hooked a better model only to get the hooked straightened out..
    we made a few drifts and landed 15 yellows at least. we kept the bigger ones and threw the rats back to fight another day. i think we kept 10 to eat.

    we then decided to move on and look around. the next 1.5-2 hours was us trolling and looking for any signs of life. no more luck..

    happy with our bounty we headed for the barn and called it a day. this was definitly a worth while trip offshore. it could have been better, but also could have been wayyyyy worse. im stoked!!!

    the weather today was great. light breeze and some decent swell, but a perfect day on the water.

    tomorrow we plan on getting some better model yellows off the high spots. word is capitan Jaun got some today..

    another big thanks to k&m for putting us on the fish and making this trip killer!!!

    day 3 report tomorrow......

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  2. pfish

    Nick! Great report and write up! I will be coming down tomorrow and launching to go to the island for a day or two. Glad to hear the weather is cooperating. PP on the Simo Hayha.
  3. tunasurfer

    YAHHH !!!! THATS MY BOY,,,,,, glad you stopped that farmin crap,,, nice catch,,,, KELLY YOUR THE MAN,,,, thanks for being one for going all the way,,,, hope tomaro brings some grandes,,,,great picts,, thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oldman
  4. Lucky B

    Those yellows arent bad. Compared to some of the ones I've seen the sporties offloading today, like 2 pounders. Good on you guys for getting into them.
  5. Susana

    Good report again, Nick. Thanks for the great pics!
  6. seasonsfishing

  7. bochixter

    Great report guys.Kelly is a great Captain always doing more
    Then its best to put people on fish.looking foward for tomorrows report guys
  8. Grand Slam

    nice job guys. good post.
  9. sharkhunter0220

    Gettin em! Though leave it to nick to find the rat yellows and lose the big ones. Good to see you guys got into some action let's see day 3: yellowtail redemption!