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Discussion in 'East Coast Fishing Reports Forum' started by fishnsoldier, Jan 1, 2011.

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  1. fishnsoldier

    Headed out @ 0400 looking for Pelagics at the gulf stream with Cpt Tom and a few others. NOAA weather reports were wrong as usual, ran into rougher seas, colder weather and even rain.... The report called for 2-3 ft seas, partly cloudy and 75 degrees. We dropped lures @ 0745 in 250 ft and trolled for a while for nothing. Couldn't find the warmer water. It was 66.2 degrees on the ledge and after heading out to deeper water it only warmed up to 66.5. Due to the sloppy conditions decided to move inside to fish the bottom. We found the bite in 100ft, we caught fish box full of Black Sea Bass, a flounder, amberjack, and some Snapper one was around 30 (which was released). Long day on the water...back at the dock @ 1830
  2. patfishhi

    Good goin' Noel and crew, it's funny (OK maybe not so funny) how the weather man can do that. Home in time to blow off fireworks until your fingers and lungs burn; oh yea sorry wrong location. That might have been cruel sorry; it was extra special here last night with the fireworks ban going into affect today.

    Again good goin' on the fish and Happy New year!

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  3. oldenred

    glad to meet you Pat, wasn't a bad day at all. the fish were biting and minus that chunker was a great day.... sure do hope that poor boy feels better today!
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  4. fishnsoldier

    We did have some fireworks... The cops don't seem to mind around my neighborhood Not like Hawaii though. I heard about the ban. I wonder if it will be enforced? Does that apply for the 4th as well?
  5. Captain Tom M BD Writer

    FIREWORKS WERE WIDE ASS OPEN LAST NIGHT MY .50 WAS LOUDEST People shot them until 2:00 am God I'm so Glad that crap is over. Hello to Hawaii from Hilton Head Island. SC

    Great bunch of Soldiers to fish with , even our Chunker, on the count of 3 RAAAAAHHHHHH ! I'm betting he will be back, he's not going to let that go by. I want to see the Puking Footage Noel !
  6. patfishhi

    The Bill as written (though I haven't read it) is all inclusive; so no fireworks that we are used to. Appeal or modification is still possible. Check out the 1/2/11 report; we had a banner day!!!