Offshore predictions? Water is shaping up

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Wild West, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Wild West

    The water is warming up off northern Baja. This damn La Nina is finally dead and gone. Looks like some offshore yellowtail and tunas could show up any time. Some bluefin were reportedly seen at 200 miles a couple of weeks ago. Things could start happening soon. I'm gonna predict some tuna are going to be caught with in 1 day range before the end of May. What do you all think? Too bad about this new Mexican tourist permit BS. Hoping some fish come roaring into US waters...
  2. Local Fishin'

    Pray for it brother, pray for it.
  3. bradnoble

    I think it will be earlier this year also. I live at a ski area, skiing ended in March this year, last year ended in June.....tuna in June I predict.
  4. plj46

    I wish i felt that optimistic.Im not expecting anything different than the last couple of years.
  5. Captain Curt



    The boat Hanna...........
  6. Mikieb

    The WSB are definitely late, gonna be a tuff tournament at Catalina if things don't change rapidly.Things are definitely different this year don't know if that's good or bad as far as tuna goes.
  7. TurdRoller

  8. Phat Boat

    Things are different this year no doubt about it.
  9. wildbunch

    Later and worst. Pray for peanuts at the pens.......................:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  10. PrairieSailor

    If the boat your on is fishing more than 24 miles off shore then you don't need the mx visa.
  11. kusleryachts

    I second the vote that fishing is going to very different than the past few years. Everything in cycles. This will be the start of a good one. Believe in the power of positive energy.

    TIGHT LINES & See you on the H2O!
  12. Hamachi_Kama

    Cyclic indeed.

    I recall a time when all we did was *talk* about bluefin tuna.

    I'd like to see more alba and better paddy fishin.

    Does anyone recall the craziness of half day YFT during the el nino years of the early 80's? Man, those were the days...and if you got offshore..utter craziness, or at least thats how I remember it.

    fingers crossed for a great season on all levels, with overall better grades of fish.
  13. Vermonster

    I was going to post that too. Basically any of the 371, 390, etc., are okay withouit a permit. Only if you hit the inner banks, like the 425, you will need one.
  14. gecsr1

    The water temps are creeping up and we are not having these cold snaps that turn the water cold again... So I think if things continue like they are we will have a late but decent season...
    there are barricuda coming up the so with threshers also someone said bonito also and there been flerries of YT...
    so I think we are in for a change for the better......

    Oh and Screw Mexico....Unitil they get their act together...
  15. Bravo 6

    Anything please!!! And no more stupid "pen fishing" I'd rather go without than run down there for some 12# tuna trying to jump in a pen.
  16. Ali Admin

    As of right now, everything looks to be on track for a good season. We are right on pace for a return to normal IMO.

    Barries, Yellows, Cbass, and bonita all in early may is a good sign.

    We're also hearing rumors of a couple albies caught down south.

    The next couple weeks will give us a good read I think.
  17. shinerunner

    I hope this is true.
    That would be nice.
  18. Rabid Fish

    as far as tuna goes, it can't possibly get any worse. I'm sure there are guys who have fished offshore so cal a lot longer than I have, all I can say for sure is that last year and the year before was the worst tuna fishing for the one day fleet (<60 nmi) in 14 years
  19. c-goat

    According to my calculations it looks like things are about 3 weeks ahead of schedule of the last couple years.
    Im thinking fat dorado getting speared is on the immediate horizon....gigity.
  20. danselesnick

    I Dont even plan on fishing out of san diego this year. Its been to much of a let down. After my 31 fish trip out of morro bay , I m heading north unless something changes down there. I hope so...... the weather and sun make it so much nicer. Maybe the shotty fishing for seabass will equate to a good paleagic season ???? So many variables..... impossible to predict. I hope for our sake something breaks and we can actually have something to show for our five hundred dollars. Like the guys on wicked tuna..... Ya !!!!!! :finger: