Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by SeaDawg, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. SeaDawg

    I know, everyone saw Brady kick Tebows ass. But,

    What I wanna know is if anyone noticed how well the Pats defense played??

    Or was Denver just that bad????

    I have to believe the Ravens defense is as over rated as the Pats defense is under rated. Yeah, I heard that on Mike & Mike in the morning.......................

    Took all season, but the D looked good against Denver...........

    The only way to stop the Patriots from scoring 30+ points is to put Brady on his can't cover everyone else and leave him standing there.
  2. ConSeaMate

    I think the Ravens can win this.......blitz scheme to get to Brady.......if that doesn't work then Brady will pick them apart.....
  3. rivertake

    Who won the last meeting between these two teams in foxboro?

    I'll take the Ravens. With some Brady on his asssssss
  4. Tues

    Go Packers
  5. MikeyLikesIt

    I'm pulling for the underdogs. :)
  6. Mikieb

    Chargers beat the Ravens, just say'in !
  7. SeaDawg

    Game Day!!!!

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  8. nunyabizness1

    Going to be a great game to watch!
  9. rivertake

    Funny. Giants. NIners 7 pages.

    Ravens patsies still on first page.

    Nobody gives a crap about either team.

    I do.

    Go ravens
  10. Captain Curt

    Ravens suck.


    One beat-up Chiefs fan..............
  11. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

  12. rivertake

    Ill take the ravens to beat the patsies. Make my day.


    We're close. Only one team to go.
  13. Mikieb

  14. Bottom Line

    Dave, you appear to have a history of picking loosers...good thing you can catch bugs.

  15. Tues

  16. rivertake

    Double limits last night. We're you in bed by 9. Old man. I was. ;)

    Go bolts. Bleep the raida's. Traitor. I still luv ya Stevo
  17. JWALK

    Just read that Ocho is inactive today. He is attending he father's funeral.
  18. SeaDawg

    Well, condolences, sorry his father died, but quite frankly he was very disappointing this season. I'm not gonna go look but I don't think he had 5 receptions all year.

    He has been "inactive" all year....................

    Did you see Terrell Suggs looking all gangsta walking to the stadium :)
  19. Buttchaser

    This should be a easy win for the Ravens !
  20. nunyabizness1

    Almost game time! Which means it's closer to the next game time... I can't stand waiting!