Off to Rancho Leonero

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by elliemay, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. elliemay

    Bob just called me and told me we are leaving Wed! Surprise. So I'm off, I will be back in a week with a report hopefully lots of fish, and pics. :food-smiley-014:
  2. dernypaulina

    Sounds like you have the right kind of friends. I'd love a phone call just like that.

  3. Jaydog

    Bueno suerte Senorita May.
  4. pascuale

    See you there. Were in the first house

    good luck
  6. the hook

    Good for you, Julie. I am jealous.

  7. elliemay

  8. pascuale

    Yeah the first one south of the hotel. My Name is ethan.
  9. whiskeytango

    See ya all down there this Friday, Room #1.

    Pam & Phil
  10. elliemay

    How cool a BD fest! I think we are in room #3. We are staying until Tues, let's party!!!
  11. knotmyfish

  12. pascuale

    Hey Phil, we met you a couple years back with my buddy Todd. You beat us in the976-tuna tournament. We got second. Ill be down wed at noon. See ya soon

  13. whiskeytango


    Yeah I remember you guys. If ya want we can share a boat one day. Look me up room #1.