October - Pacific Voyager - Seaforth Landing, SD -October 12-14am

Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Inshore Trip Planning' started by Jason, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Jason Admin

    1.5 day October 13 Tuna Trip !!! - SenorTuna.com

    Since there is no more BD Charters this season I am posting up the next best option.

    I am very surprised to see that this charter is not filled!
    I personally have caught bigeye the last two trips on these dates on this boat.
    George runs a great charter and I am all for helping him out where I can.

    Leave Friday night Oct. 12 at 9PM - fish all day Saturday, Oct. 13 - return Sunday morning 5-7AM.

    Cost: $275. includes bunk and Mexican permit.

    NO fuel surcharge however meals are NOT included (meal package can be purchased for an additional $25. on the boat)

    Payment can be made by check, Visa/MC, or PayPal and should be received by Sept. 29th in order to hold your spot.

    Send checks made payable to Senortuna to:
    George Valenzuela 21 Lakefront, Irvine, CA 92604

    PM Tunabelly for credit card or PayPal instructions. Please note there is a 3% service charge for any payments submitted through PayPal.

    $15 service charge for any returned checks

    1. Tunabelly 4B (*PAID + food $300.*)
    2. Misuse (is a GO !!) Jason 22B
    3. Mikeylikesit Mike 8B (PAID cc 9/19/07)
    4. Christy "Fshchick" 6B
    5. Saltydawg Bill 18B
    6. Smudge Matt 7T (PAID cc 9/20/07)
    7. Sage 9T (PAID ch 9/22/07)
    8. Rdrrm8te Chuck 2B
    9. Wahoodad 16B (PAID pp 9/18/07)
    10. Jbarto Jon 5T
    11. Marley Marley 13T (*PAID ch + food 9/26/07 $300.*)
    12. ifish2 Clarence 14B (PAID ch 9/19/07)
    13. locobro - Mark 15T (*PAID pp +food 9/19/07 $300.*)
    14. Duke 1T
    15. Pancheke Jose 23T
    16. Ronrosta 3T (*PAID ch 9/26/07 +food $300.*)
    17. Jaydog 20B (PAID 9/18/07)
    18. Gato Gordo (Ali) 24B
    19. FishAddictJim 12B (PAID ch 10/2/07)
    20. Renee 11T (PAID ch 10/2/07)
    21. Jscrib 21T (deposit ch $150. 10/1/07)
    22. Steve K 10B (PAID ch 9/25/07)
    23. Steve K's son 9T (PAID ch 9/25/07)
    24. Yutaka 17T

  2. MikeyLikesIt

    Im going.

    who else?

    Yes, Ali...........this means no Costa Rica..........bummer.
  3. Tunabelly

    Thank you Mikey.................. I've added your name to the list.

    I also have Misuse up there ........if he can get a Hall Pass for the weekend.

  4. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    I'd jump on this but I'm on the ST 5 dayer 10 days later. This should be a great trip. Hmmmmmmm are all my honey doos done????? I miss Mr Jeffs Bisquits and gravy
  5. captamb1

    I would jump on this also anyone got 400.00 bucks I can have? My BD is 10/15 :xlbirthda
  6. SAGE

    I'm on !!! Let's do this.......

    bIwith whale cock.jpg Johns.JPG Picture 007.jpg
  7. Jason Admin

    There I am bent in the corner..

    I just got the hall pass. I'm in.
  8. Pancheke

    I'm in !!! how do I get on list ??
  9. MikeyLikesIt

    They made it a 1.5 day.......no worries for me, Im still in!
  10. GUERO

    It's my B_Day too, I'll try to go as well..............
  11. Jason Admin

    Updated thread.
  12. locobro

    hmmmmm....sounds like fun.
  13. Smudge

    I'm there...
  14. Ali Admin

    Looks like a great crowd.

    I'm in.
  15. Jaydog

    Add me to the list, I'm in and who do I pay?
  16. Jason Admin

    Oh shit.
  17. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Capt. Elbows is in too
  18. Tunabelly

    Trip is full............... now going to stand-by list.

  19. Jason Admin

    So TB this is a sober trip rite? I'm afraid.
  20. Tunabelly

    With the crew we have signed up :720icon: and the fact I'm bringing a case of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill, I anticipate the following:


    :hali_ruahahaha: :hali_ruahahaha: :hali_ruahahaha: :food-smiley-014::food-smiley-014: :food-smiley-014: