October 2011 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Smudge, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Smudge

    This Month's Avet Reel is a ?

    Rules of the contest...
    Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 10/1/11 using an Avet reel. Ending 10/31/11.

    The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!!
    We have final say.


    If you have any questions about the rules see the Avet Contest Rules Thread (Avet Contest Rules)

    Format of entering contest.

    Location of fish caught:
    Gear used:
    Give us a little fishing report with it! Sarkis and Harry love to read the stories...

    We may revise the rules as we go.
    All pictures become property of Bloodydecks.LLC and Avet Reels to be used in promotional ads or artwork. Submitted photo must be of a member of Bloodydecks.com. Winners may not enter again within 6 months of last winning. The winner must submit the full size picture to Bloodydecks LLC before the reel is shipped.
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  2. AR15

    on 10-12-11 I went surf fishing on Jekyll Island Ga and I caught this sandbar shark while fishing with my SX MC. I was hooked up for about an hour and she took me down to the bottom of the spool 5 times running up and down the beach. I was very pleased with the performance of my reel during the battle.
  3. AR15

    I forgot to add that the Angler was me Paul McDonald, the rod was an Oceanmaster 12' lite surf rod, & the bait was a live finger mullet. The reel has approx 300yds od braid backing thih a top shot of 20 lb mono.
  4. tacklejacked

    32 NM SW of Westport Wa, 10/16/11.
    Avet MXJ 5.8 in Camo/ Lami 4'6 meat stick
    65lb power pro, moss green.
    (also pictured blue MXL 6/4)

    Sloshed out to the Tuna grounds. So-so weather. Banged out a few on the troll, cedar plugs, clones and Xraps. All the albies where toads, 25-30 lbs average.not line shy at all....good times.

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  5. The Bushman

    My annual Sept/Oct charter on the Intrepid, produced this 70#+ yellowfin.... one of two I managed to get past the sharks at Alijos rocks.. Caught on an HX, 50#, flouro leader. THe sharks took about 9 of every 10 fish hooked, but a few slipped past to ride home in the RSW.

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  6. The Sea Hag

    Name: Pam Sharp
    Location of fish caught: Guadalupe Island
    Gear used: Avet JX 6/3, Seeker Hercules Series SHS-70H, 40# Izor XXX, Seaguar Flouro leader, Owner 3/0 Super Mutu Ringed Circle hook
    Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    We boarded the beautiful M/V Islander on Sunday night, October 22. As required by current Mexican regulations, we cleared customs in Ensenada on Monday morning, and spent a day running to points south. We hesitated offshore to warm up on smaller tuna on Tuesday, and arrived at Guadalupe Island on Wednesday morning.
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    Captain John Conniff toured the coast of the island, hoping to be able to put us on a drift (generally less favored by the local population of great white sharks), but there were no fish to be found off the shores around the island. He settled on a spot, and dropped anchor.
    Anticipating a day of holding a rod and reel, I chose my lighter 40# outfit. Our seminar the night before had stressed bait selection, as it did the next morning. I tossed out a first sardine, reluctant to swim under heavy hook and line. Meanwhile, another angler hooked our first big tuna, only to watch it lost to a shark, returning only a head! Already, there were several circling us, the larger probably 15 feet long.
    Rejecting the first sardine, I chased a second in the well for a couple of minutes. It was big… and fast. I finally cornered it, nose hooked it, and gently tossed it behind the boat.
    If I’d counted, I would not have made it to 30. Line ripped off, and I slid the lever to “strike”. After two runs that both nearly spooled me, and a run under the anchor line, my fish was the first to make it to the gaff, past the sharks already hounding our fish.
    Of the 32 fish we hooked, only 5 were landed!!

    This one took the jackpot.

  7. jlacosta

    Great photos guys. Wondering where the November contest is. Is there no contest for this month?
  8. jlacosta

    JL Acosta
    Giant Trevally
    Avet SX, Tica San Juan rod, 30# Cabela's Prestige dacron
    Pundaquit Zambales Philippines

    Me and a local fishermen towed rapala magnums on a small watercraft fishermen use here in the Philippines called a banca, the fish hit one of the two CD14 red head and with the boat I was on being small, we got towed a few hundred meters but the fish was landed in less than 20mins.

  9. Smudge

    This month's winner: The Sea Hag!