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Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by BRUTEPAIN, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Went fishing yesterday with a buddy of mine, hitting different parts of Oceanside. Started at the jetty in front of the power plant early in the morning and caught a 2 pound barred surf perch using raw shrimp. Also tried using the gulp alive saltwater sandworms(camo 2inch) with not one single nibble. We then moved to the jettie's up north next to the marina and fished along the surf and rocks with no luck. Everyone I asked were not having any luck either, some people think it might be from the bilge pumps making all that racket or maybe we all just suck and just needed an excuse to save face:ashamed: . So we moved down to Oceanside pier where we had the most luck with some croaker. Bloodworms and muscles were the ticket using size #14 treble hooks for the muscles and size #8 hooks for the blood worms( cut in half ). Excuse the small pics cuz my buddy used his cell phone. Over all biggest fish of the day was a 12.5 inch,2 pound barred surf perch. Not bad for that species.

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  2. coastalwerks

    Thanks Ernie for the update on the Barred Surf Perch. I as well tried some of the Berkley too and no luck. Just on Blood Worms and Shrimp especially down in San Diego.
  3. JCBell

    I was killing them in OSide with the camo worms. Almost every other cast was a bite and I landed about 5. Biggest one, one footer, was caught on a Lucky Craft FM 110

    Hey jared where were you fishing in oceanside, the day I went, the perch were not interested in gulp worms what so ever.
  5. dirtycurti

    Surf fishing has been good lately. Near Buccaneer beach we are killing the spot fin & yellow fin croaker as well as big bar perch.