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Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by shitbird, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. shitbird

    Took my two dogs and my nephew Derek from Iowa. We had a Pooba contest with Da Goose. We had to call it off becuase Rick boat stop working:Bathtime_emoticon: So we towed him back to the dock. Sorry about that Rick that sucks. So we went back out and landed 32'' 15lbs Halibut, a 22'' 4lbs halibut, 8 shovle nose. Always a good fight, 6 small sandbass, sand shark and a bunch of short Halibut. Thank you Rick for coming over and cleaning the fish. Those grayhounds kick my ass:drunk
  2. Scarleg

    Nice job Jeff.....
    Good Karma heading your way :git::appl:
    Thanks for towing our sorry asses in
    I was looking forward to those double bacon, avocado, cheeseburgers:drool:
  3. fish is a fish

    Jeff, I think you now have this Hali thing down to a science.
    Way to go Again!!! gotta love Dana pointLOL
    As far as the Gray hounds go.....wellllll:rofl:you fuckers hosed down our bird:finger:
    Rick that sucks... hope it is just the top end.
  4. DaGoose


    Thank you so much for the tow and sacfricing quality fishing time to help us out! Hated to ask but VA was probably a few hours wait. Sorry we missed the bacon cheeseburgers. You're a great friend and that's how we roll!

    Congrats on the flatties. Make that congrats Mr Poobah :worship: You ain't gettin the lizard though.

    Sorry for the late response, was busy try to fix broken boat trailer #1 yesterday so I can get out while hosed outboard on boat #2 get's fixed. :zelfmoord

    I guess that black cloud now hovers over me and Scarleg :D. But it's all good.

  5. Steve9256

    Way to go Jeff and crew. :hali_ruahahaha: :nutkick: Rick; Good thing you have 2 boats. But its a Bitch when both are down. And Scarlegs also. :zelfmoord