oceanside BQ report

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by shitbird, May 27, 2007.

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  1. shitbird

    Took fish is a fish and Chris ho lives next door. We started south of the harber. Water was nice and flat in the morning. But that changed later in the day. Started next to some kelp were some stuck up fishermen drifted next to us and told me, Thanks for the boat preshure. I thought he was joking. :imdumb: I .hook up on a big ass flying carpet. (bat ray)she ran all over the place. She even jump to show off her power. What a work out:_hot_: So we work our way up were Rick and his Crew were at :food-smiley-014:We difted for a bunch of rack baits ,sculpin and some rock fish. Started the BBQ for some lunch for my good friends out there on the water. The fish seem to bite better when your cooking. My real is going off and a Thresher is on. :Smoke_Emoticon:That was fun watching it jump Thank you BBQ gods We think she was 60-80 lbs. I don't keep key chains just speedbumps. A quick snap shot and off she go's to get bigger. Thank you Gary and Dusten for the pics Cant waight to see them. I all most forgot we got check out in the water buy the DFG and a nother time at the dock. So be shure your fishing lic is with you. There is no fish in ocaenside
  2. DaGoose


    Or should I say Barbeque Poobah :daman:, thanks again for the most excellent grinds on the water. We had a blast watching you fight Mr T on the bow with the bbq still going.

    Great job on the release......you're a man of your word! (would that be keychain? LOL)

    Can't wait to see the pixs and thanks for the report.

  3. Scarleg

    FUN FUN FUN....
    Thanks Jeff for the burgers:urno1:
    It hits the spot after tough morning
  4. Mot's Sr.

    What a great day out there with some great friends.

    Thanks for the lunch Jeff, it was awesome, eating from Jeffs Gormet Galley,
    then while Jeffs relaxing up on the bow with his Barbie going, he hooks up a nice Thresher, way to go Jeff, cooking and fighting a T at the same time.

    Great release Jeff, way to go Dude.

    5260703.JPG 5260705.JPG thresher1.JPG thresher3.JPG thresher4.JPG burger1.JPG burger2.JPG
  5. shitbird

    you guys are welcome . No problem any time. Thank you for the pics thats awsome.
  6. Az.monkey

    that's how ya do it ! nice job gents
  7. tsurikichi

    Hi shitbird,

    'Thanks for the boat pressure' ha ha ha Wait till a moo-moo or two slide up to them from out of nowhere!

  8. fish is a fish

    Thanks "Chef Jeff" I had a good time, it was a great day on the water with good friends & good eats. you da man!!!

    100_1583.JPG 100_1585.JPG 100_1586.JPG