Nov 4 at the Rock

Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Bullshipper, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Bullshipper

    Lots of boats and nice dorado around.

    Chorras were not easy to make, and by 2 pm none of the 12 or so boats had a tuna. Didn't see any around either so we decided to make it an early day, figuring they might show after 5 pm. Kurts new Grady es muy padre and we had a great day.

    He took all the pictures, so I will let him chime in.

    Didn't you fish with Zig Zag? I have been trying toget a hold of Mike Brown for the past few days but no luck.
  3. Ali Admin

    Not my fault!

  4. swelltime

    Heard fishing has been awesome the last couple of days. Dorados,,Dorados,,
  5. frijolitos

    Yes, lots of nice sized dorados, sails, and some marlin also, just slow for the tunas
  6. Manhandle

    just got back from PV and the Dorado bite was fantastic, but the Tunas were slow. Still had a hell of a time fishing with Danny Osuna and Alvino.
  7. Bullshipper

    Fished again on the 6th with Kurt and we had a blast.

    Released a sail, farmed a marlin, briefly hooked another sail and limited on dorado, all in the 30-40's, so I was very pleased.

    Small baits were easier to make and we saw some 4 lb yellowfins at the rock.

    Danny and Manny reported fish farther out that were hard to entice, but I understand they landed a couple of nice ones.

    One more day with Kurt and a day with Danny so we are hoping the fish will finish off all the shrimp they are feeding on and switch to what we're dragging.
  8. Marlin Grando

    Good luck amigo
  9. Bullshipper

    Tunas showed up thursday afternoon with Kurt

    Then we farmed 2 nice cow types with Danny, caught a couple of 50's+ dorados everywhere, and got a pargo of a lifetime, guesses from 70-90 lbs.

    Time to go home.

    Jeff, Thanks for getting them warmed up for me!! I wil be down Monday for 2-3 days of fun!!!