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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by gonetobaja, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. gonetobaja

    I have been reading all of this Baja is gone to crap posts for months now. The thing to me is seeing all of the posts up that people say...

    "I have been going to baja for years, I love it, but now its out of control. Im not going back"

    I spent alot of time talking to people while I was down on my last mothly trip to my house. The truth is that there are still lots of people going to baja. I will agree that San Felipe this New year was dead but I think its because of the press. People have been getting robbed, and taken advantage of in Mexico for as long as there have been tourists. To think that the 5 or 6 incidents that were reported are the first time that someone has gotten totaly jacked by bandidos in the TJ to Ensenada area is foolishness. The truth is that you are just as safe today as you were 20 years ago. The difference now is the press, internet, CNN, etc. These types of foreign bandit stories get plenty of play and circulation. Now there is a concensus that the crime rate in Baja has gone up. My stand is that nothing has changed. Here is a link to my last trip.

    Will the circulations of these stories lower the amount of tourists in Baja, FOR SURE. Will it cause the authorities to do stuff about it, FOR SURE. I talked to several other business owners in the San Felipe area but no one is really sure what to do about the situatuon. The reason is because it the same as it has always been other than the super reporting of incidents on internet boards, and the victims of the crimes were credible and somewhat well know. There will always be bandits in third world countries, because they are economicly depressed, and overall corupt.

    So I would say that the chances of you getting jacked are the same as they ever were. Mexico is a third world country. If you decide now that you will stay away because of recent press than you will lower your chances of getting jacked. That being said, the chances are the same as they ever were. People have been telling me that I was crazy for going to Mexico from the age of 12, its the same story with better press.

    Not going to Baja will have an economic impact on the businesses in the area. Alot of law abiding people will make less money. The guy who makes 20 bucks pulling a tourist out of the sand, the pangero who makes 40 bucks profit under the table, the taco stand that used to make all of the money on the weekends, they will be affected. The bandits will not go out of business or go away. They never have and never will. Mexico always has been a place with all types of risks. They are still there, no more no less, but in reality nothing has changed.

    Just my opinion guys but I thought Id share it.

    Tight lines

  2. Ali Admin

    You statement above is nieve at best IMO.

    The problem isn't the internet.

    Mexico City isn't sending 2k troops to TJ to "Fight the Internet".

    When the Arriano-Felix Family was taken down there was a vacuum of power in BCN. Now every little gangster, excop, coke deal and his brother is trying to make a name for himself.

    The Cartel kept these shit bags in check and ruled with an iron fist. Now the iron fist is gone and it's war in the streets.

    If you don't think it's a war down there, you are crazy.

    Good luck and safe voyages.
  3. brian_g

    #1. If you think that the situation in Baja is the same as it ever was, I believe that you are the one being foolish.

    #2. Because you generate income from people coming to your Baja home and fishing with you, it seems to me that your perspective may be different from an every-day schlub (like myself) to whom Baja is only a vacation destination and not a means of livelyhood.

    #3. Not going on trips to Baja may hurt the honest, hard-working people, but would you rather I risk my own life and the sole source of income for MY family to support them?

    I too love Baja and have been traveling the peninsula since I was a young kid. Maybe I have just been really lucky, but at this point in time it doesn't make sense for me to take chances like that anymore. There are plenty of great fishing destinations all along the U.S. coast that I am now investigating for next summer.

    Tight Lines!
  4. pupuplatter

    Oh boy I might stay home from work for this one. Popcorn anyone???

    i've been going to baja for 10 years. i can only speak from personal experience when i say the harassment is increasing. it used to be i would get messed with by crooked cops maybe 1 in 10 visits so it was totally worth it. the last 3 trips i took down there i got a "ticket" every time and the last time i went we got hustled by "off duty" mexican officers that threatened us, scared the shit out of us but only got away with about 150 bucks. that was enough for me. with all the stories i've read and friends i have talked to and coupled with my own experiences, i feel lucky for my "little" brush ins down there. i will not contribute to that place any more. sad because most of the people down there are honest, hardworking and kind
  6. Kurt

    20 years ago none of my friends were getting shot at trying to come back up from Baja. Personally, they have changed a lot, and it isn't for the better. I can handle getting rolled by the fuzz for a 20 for some bullshit running of an invisible stop sign, getting shot at in an attempt to part you from everything you own and putting your entire family at death's door isn't acceptable. EVER

    The harder it hits the locals in the pocket the faster their Govt will be forced to do something about it. Talk about a reverse spin, all these gringos moving down there with MONEY and dumping it into the local economy. Now that's a switch from the peasants sneaking across the border without a peso and tapping our resources. How that translates into resentment is beyond me? Jealously maybe but I would think even the uneducated would know it is a good thing for the rich to spend money locally. How many of them could afford any of what they see in their lifetimes anyway?

  8. ConSeaMate

    <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 UNSELECTABLE="on"><TBODY><TR height="100%" UNSELECTABLE="on" width="100%"><TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width="100%" background="" height=250 UNSELECTABLE="off">You got to be kidding me?.....Same as it ever was?.....My Brother is married to a girl(thank God) who's parents are of Mexican Nationality......They own 99 acres down there....I used to be a regular down there,but not for the last 5 years.....Times are changing....The people will really be hurting before this gets better that's the sad part!.....They are some of the most friendly people on this planet....
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  9. Ding A Ling

    Assuming that everything in your post is true, and we all know the definition of assume, there is a major flaw in your theory.
    Specifically the following statement, “but in reality nothing has changed”. Something has changed, and that is the awareness of the situation along with the perception of the problem. It’s kind of like the, “NO FEAR” mentality we all possessed when we were very young. I am sure all of us have done some extremely stupid stuff in our childhood, that looking back at, we shake our heads and say to ourselves, “I’m lucky to be alive that was just plain stupid.” Then there are some of us who never grow up and continue to do extremely dangerous things, which is an extremely small minority. There are also those of us that thrive on pushing the envelope but have enough common sense to analyze the risks and prepare ourselves through education and experience, also a small minority. Then there are the rest of us who comprehend the sheer stupidity of reckless behavior and situations that choose to not place ourselves in dangerous situations. So in conclusion, something has changed!!
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    Sorry this has affected your livelihood! But I still will not go to <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Iraq</st1:place></st1:country-region> and work for big bucks just like I will not take a Sunday cruise through northern BC.
  10. Eye Problem

    Name: Dale Pearson
    Vessel: 30' Sportfisher "Casador"
    Location: San Diego, CA / Puertecitos BCN
    Job: Guide
    you probably have no vested interest in bringing people down there either?
    Screw that place, my vacations will be Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii.
  11. SandShark

    Have you got some of that pop secret jumbo pop movie theater butter flavor? That stuff is 'Da BOMB!

    *Pulls up chair, gets comfy*
  12. Phat Boat

    Hopefully it wont get any worse before it gets better. I really hope baja norte can clean up its act enough where one doesn't fear the loss of life, only a little money. As for now-I'm in wait and see mode.
  13. Mikey

    Are you running for president?

    in mexico
  14. pascuale

    A kid I work with and his friends were in TJ last night and were walking from one night club to another when 4 cops pulled them over and arrested them for nothing but walking and being American. They gave the cops $100 dollars which then turned into a trip to the ATM to gety out $900 more dollars before they were let go. (not the smartest place to be)

    I love Baja too and have been going since I was 6 but right now even with TJ being the the worst place to be, id rather take my chances camping at San O.
  15. Kurt

    How about a quarantine of TJ for a week. That should do it.

    One week no gringo bucks, the locals will be ready to string up these corrupt fucking cops.
  16. Mikey

    Another reason not to go Britney and her new boy toy are at the Rosarito hotel.

    maybe we will all get lucky and she will meat up with the local PD and we will never hear of her again :D
  17. Aleta

    I have spent a large amount of time, money and effort to keep a boat in Mexico full time. I chose a location in Mexico with a good track record of safety and a place where I feel my family and boat are secure. If the situation were to change, my leisure time and dollars would be spent elsewhere.

    I respect the choice of all of those who have chosen not to spend their leisure time and hard earned money in areas where they do not perceive to be safe.

    Things continue to change in Mexico - for the better in some areas and for worse in others. Some of the changes may be short term or they may in fact be long term trends. Hopefully, the problems in TJ and nearby coastal areas are resolved before the economy of Baja Norte and the investments of many in the area are trashed.
  18. gonetobaja

    Well put, I stand corrected. Perception has changed, however I still feel the risk to the tourist traveler % wise is still the same. Greater understanding of what goes on does allow a person to make a more educated decision on what their travel plans will be, but it dosent change the situation as I see it.

    It hasnt really affected my business as of yet. My niche has always been the fact that I provide transportation to and back on the trips. There are lots of people that will still go fishing in Baja this year, and with only 32 spots for the year, I feel pretty sure to book up again. Most of my customers will be repeat business. But I could fully understand how my opinion could be taken as biased. Also lets all understand that I avoide TJ-Ensenada like the plauge and I travel down through the Mexicali side of the border. TJ-Ensenada has always been a trench of nastiness to me because of the always rampant crime. I have had my truck taken by the police, been jacked up by the police, given rides back to people who had everything they owned robbed from them at kinfepoint in the dark, etc. This was all over 10-20- years ago, all on the pacific side. I have been spending more time on the Sea of Cortez side of the area for the past 16 years and the stuff thats in the news now is the reason why. That area has always been a guantlet and always will be. Nothing has changed.


    Repeat customer.

  19. bajadan2000

    You may not believe me, however, with 8 round trips (16 total) driving through the gauntlet pulling a boat or RV trailer, and 2 years living time in Baja, I have never paid a fine I did not deserve.

    If stopped by the organized paramilitary group that has just moved in, I doubt I could talk my way out of the situation. Things have changed...
  20. brian_g

    Things HAVE changed in Baja. If it doesn't effect your business I'm really glad for you, but why do you attach some random picture of a guy with a fish noting that he is a "repeat customer" of yours when the issue is people getting jacked and killed in Baja. If you wanted to drum up business, you should have just started a thread with photos of all your "repeat customers". Not some weak attempt at mitigating all the shit that is happening to people we know on trips South.

    I get enough spin-doctoring with the U.S. elections....