Note in Bottle Launched on LR Trip, Found

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Abaco, Dec 24, 2013.

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  1. Abaco

    I have a tradition on each LR trip out of SD. I bring some wine and launch a bottle with a note in it after one of the dinners. I've done it a few times over the past few years. Well, tonight I got a call from somebody up in Washington. He said he just came back from vacation. When he was on Saipan he was near a litter-strewn beach and happened to see a wine bottle that looked like it had something in it. He smashed it open and found my note. We are going to follow up and go into more of the details. Sounds like a real nice young guy who found it. Saipan is one hell of a small target way on the other side. I am not sure which note it was yet, so I don't know the duration from launch to discovery. But, I'll try to figure that out and list the details here once I get them.
  2. cabo jon

    Very cool.
  3. SlideRight

    Very cool story Abaco. Maybe the finder is a fisherman that you can introduce to SDLR'ing.
    Similar tale: Back in the 80's or early 90's Dennis Samsone (Shiner RIP), brother of American Angler owner Dan Sansome, tossed a bottle w/ message into the drink somewhere off SD & a guy in Japan eventually found it! Trouble was, and unbeknownst to Dan the owner, Dennis had written in his note that the bottle finder was entitled to a free 6 day trip on the AA. He got it too!
    Have fun with it.
  4. Fishybuzz

    I have thrown out quite a few notes in bottles on LR trips over the years… replies yet…'s a fun thing to do.

    That is really cool someone found one of yours….
  5. darrenforeal

    that's really cool
  6. Jig Strike

    Can't wait for the rest of the story.
  7. Mo Betta

    That's a really small beach in the middle of the Pacific near Guam.
  8. gnehekul

    Cool story can't wait for the details
  9. yft1979

    Wow, Saipan.. That's awesome. Will definitely be looking for the details on that!
  10. Abaco

    Yes, I was looking at the globe tonight to get a reference. Saipan is a very small target. This bottle drifted past the Marshall Islands and south of Hawaii. It went on a very long journey. I remember including the year of launch on each note so that will be interesting to see. I am pleasantly surprised by this. Wow... I'll probably send the finder a shirt or hoodie from the boat I tossed it from once I determine which boat it was based on the year. Each bottle lovingly tossed with a buzz...
  11. Jason Admin

    Very cool.
  12. Carl

    Small world...My buddy just got medevac'd off of Saipan. Cut his foot on some glass while walking on the beach.......
  13. strackle99

    Very impressive. I can'twait to hear aabout the details
  14. smokinwater

    Way cool! Keep us posted.
  15. Delta Mike

    How ironic would it be if it was the bottle with the note in it that got smashed??
  16. Outhouse

    I think that is a great idea. On my second LR trip, I had one of the small inexpensive video cameras in a waterproof bag. I thought it was in my pocket and then I couldn't find it. In my dismay, I looked behind the boat to see it bobbing on the surface. I was too dumb to ask the boat to turn around. Hopefully someone somewhere found it and put it to good use.
  17. gonzo25

    I was expecting to hear a story of some guy hitting it with his boat and putting a hole in it.... and knows who to go after for the repair. that would be my luck.
  18. harddrive

    That's pretty cool. A long way to travel....

  19. Bigeasy

    Wow! Saipan! Westside of the beach is where stuff really wash up! The Mariana's is a pretty place and remote as hell! Just to get stuff is so damn expensive and only store is Kmart! :2gunsfiring_v1: Yeah, and their return policy suckybutt! Watchout for snakes, all over the place! Fishing is really good, 2 miles off the beach and you are in hella deep water! And hot as hell! :evilimu:
  20. Saluki I'm looking forward to running into wine bottles while out on my boats.
    My hulls, outdrive, & lower units thank you in advance.
    I'm thinking about writing notes on long sheets of plastic and wooden doors & throw them overboard to see where they may end up.