North Korean Long Range Ballistic Missile

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Saluki, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. Saluki

  2. ConSeaMate

    Hey..... they gave it the best minute they had!.......
  3. Jig Strike

    They need to steal better technology.
  4. Saluki

    Some of the comments are priceless. LOL
  5. Pulpo

    Best case scenario other than it going straight up and straight down blowing their own asses up. It would have been fun to watch Japan shoot it down.
  6. MikeyLikesIt

    who says they didn't? :)

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    I saw one report that the North Korean launch technicians and scientist at the launch site got frustrated when the fuse didn't light after the third time and that there was a lot of blaming going on...
  8. abdiver7777

    A lot of poor bastards in N. Korea and their families are being picked up and going to be placed in work camps for the rest of their lives over this embarrassment and The Korean Gov't will like blame us for sabotage and demand cash......
  9. MikeyLikesIt

    and the POTUS will apologize. Again.

  10. Johnny J

    Third time is not the charm. I think it was Turner Brown that sabotaged the deal.
  11. invictus

    These jackasses need to be handled, period.

    On a serious note, Martha's a gamer, some of you would!! :rofl:
  12. invictus

    Oh, and there's that. "Sorry your rocket didn't work, we didn't do anything but would a billion dollars help stabilize your regime for another decade?"
  13. Jig Strike

    Why does the news keep calling it a "long range" rocket?
  14. Saluki

    Because the rocket was their Long Range Ballistic Missile.
    Most of the world thinks the payload was bullshit, not a satellite, but a simulated (dummy) explosive device that the NK's were testing to see how far the maximum distance they could potentially launch a nuke.

    I think it was the fault of that little guy in the lower right trying to adjust the aiming fin. 10 degrees can make all the world of difference!! LOL
  16. Fishbones

    Korean govt. just announced that Hyundai has just completed the prototype space shuttle that is scheduled for its maiden flight on Sunday. The US thinks it might be used for nuclear payloads in space.

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  17. Jig Strike

    I may have been joking. <label for="rb_iconid_7">[​IMG]</label>
  18. Aggro

    I thought I was the only one with a one minute rocket.
  19. Saluki

    Would it have been a bad thing if we prayed for the rocket to blow up? :D