NoKaoi boat

Discussion in 'Hawaiian Fishing Forum' started by JimmyK, Oct 9, 2013.

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  1. JimmyK

    Anyone have experience or rode a NoKaoi boat? PM me...
  2. 4 Boys

    From what i heard those boats are good, this guy i met had one awhile back and he used to pound fish and go 30 plus out Haleiwa, it was for sale at the time and was pricey about 15k that was about 20 years ago.
  3. JimmyK

    Thank you 4 Boys, I was wondering too, if this was made by the same guys who made Jackpot boats, so coming from North shore should be able to handle rough water. (Not that I intend to go fish in the rough, but good to know that it can carry me out safely)
  4. hawaiian hammer

    Boat rides good and fast with the right motor but wet boat when it gets bumpy.
  5. JimmyK

    Dave, this boat need a lot of hp? I saw one for sale a long time ago, it had a 130hp Volvo in it. I figure about a 115hp four stroke would be good? The boat was not a beamy boat so I figure would be pretty good fuel wise. Thanks for the info!
  6. hawaiian hammer

    Jimmy, My friend had a Honda 90hp 4 stroke on his and the boat used to fly, so 115hp would be plenty enough.

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  7. JimmyK

    Hammer, thanks for the info! 90hp - Rajah dat!