Noah's Tackle is STOCKED with the Tuna Logo

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Jason, May 10, 2005.

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  1. Jason Admin

    <img src="" alt="tuna" />

    We haven't printed this one in a year... Personally my favorite. Noah's has sizes L-3XL stocked! I'm still working on the online store but you can kill two birds with one stone.. Supporting BD members and BD.
  2. kelppaddie

    is there anywhere else i can get BD gear besides san diego???? since the internet store is offline
  3. skippajack

    Cool!!! I need to get some BD swag so I geuss I will call them up and have them ship
    to me. I have been checking the online store for a while but no go, so I will get it from

    The AHI logo fucking rocks!!! Aloha Skippa
  4. Jason Admin

    I will have the online store up tonight. This damn work thing keeps getting in the way...
  5. jt_milstead

    What time does Noahs close on Friday? I want to get down there for a 2XL.
  6. Katana

    Noah's Store hours: Come on in guys & gals.... everyone is welcome :)

    Monday-Friday: 10am to 6pm
    Sat: 10-5
    Dorado or Tuna Logo T's $13.00
    Tuna T's are $16.00
    Hats are $18.00
    Stickers $4.00
    Sweatshirt $35.00
    Coolies 2 per pack $5.00

    Jason, please correct prices if I'm wrong....
  7. jt_milstead

    Save me a 2X.....
  8. GUERO

    I hope that one jerk who works in the mornings ain't there..........maybe I'll come by......
  9. SDtone

    hopefully we'll be open till 8pm. :D ... hint hint

  10. Codered

    how much do these go for? I want 2! Logo is sick
  11. Dos Locos

    Yeah he's a scumbag........... LOL LOL LOL LOL
  12. Cory Admin

    But he cooks up a mean thresher streak!

    called Noah's to order some BD gear and they dont ship seems like now I have to drive there! Wow I think the gas is going to be more than the sale!

    BUMMER!!!!! :mad:
  14. jt_milstead

    Thanks for the message Katana. Ill be there Friday evening after work......
  15. Az.monkey

    Qwit bitchen and tow the sled down here and stop by the shop before the hunt. think of the boats range that you'll save. Noahs rocks and has all the gear you'll ever need :)

    Well I do need a new rod for my penn 16S :jo:
  17. fishnfool

    if you want to order and have it shipped you can do that through the BD online store. We haven't opened our online store yet, and not sure if/when we will. We can do it and just add the S&H...I guess that would still be less expensive for you than driving down here with that big ass gas guzzling toy of yours though. LOL I can send it home with Curtis on Saturday, and you can make arrangements to meet him up there somewhere. Just let me know Bro. We will always do what we can to take care of you guys.
  18. GUERO

    Jumbo squid too right????
  19. Cory Admin

    Haven't had the pleasure of that one yet. I was just at the right place, right time for the shark :D
  20. fishaholic 1

    yes please get the store going again I need swag baby bad up in the southbay to show off the B.D. gear