Noah's Tackle is STOCKED with the Tuna Logo

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Jason, May 10, 2005.

  1. Jason Admin

    <img src="" alt="tuna" />

    We haven't printed this one in a year... Personally my favorite. Noah's has sizes L-3XL stocked! I'm still working on the online store but you can kill two birds with one stone.. Supporting BD members and BD.
  2. kelppaddie

    is there anywhere else i can get BD gear besides san diego???? since the internet store is offline
  3. skippajack

    Cool!!! I need to get some BD swag so I geuss I will call them up and have them ship
    to me. I have been checking the online store for a while but no go, so I will get it from

    The AHI logo fucking rocks!!! Aloha Skippa
  4. Jason Admin

    I will have the online store up tonight. This damn work thing keeps getting in the way...
  5. jt_milstead

    What time does Noahs close on Friday? I want to get down there for a 2XL.
  6. Katana

    Noah's Store hours: Come on in guys & gals.... everyone is welcome :)

    Monday-Friday: 10am to 6pm
    Sat: 10-5
    Dorado or Tuna Logo T's $13.00
    Tuna T's are $16.00
    Hats are $18.00
    Stickers $4.00
    Sweatshirt $35.00
    Coolies 2 per pack $5.00

    Jason, please correct prices if I'm wrong....
  7. jt_milstead

    Save me a 2X.....
  8. GUERO

    I hope that one jerk who works in the mornings ain't there..........maybe I'll come by......
  9. SDtone

    hopefully we'll be open till 8pm. :D ... hint hint

  10. Codered

    how much do these go for? I want 2! Logo is sick

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