No WSB or Yellows but a 22 lb Sheephead bit

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Mainphrame, May 14, 2012.

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  1. Mainphrame

    Went out Friday with Jeff from "Ready to Assemble" and Wayne and fished Santa Barbara Island in hopes of grabbing some WSB or Yellows and avoiding the Catalina Crowds. Water was 59 degrees and it was relatively smooth over there. Not much was happening at the break of dawn but Jeff hooked up on a 200 + shark. Can someone ID? None of us had any idea what it was.

    The bite was wide open for Sheephead after sun up and I managed to catch a 22 lb sheephead (28 inches). We managed to come out with limits. Shallow water rockfishing was also good. We headed to the west end of Cat around 1pm but it was wide open Macks (Pacific and Spanish).

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  2. flyliner

    Very nice Jeff and crew. I love catching big goats.

    It's hard to id that shark from the pick, but I would guess maybe a 7 gill. I have a friend that caught a 200+ pounder from the surf in Santa Monica a couple years back. Very fat shark.
  3. riceman1011

    I thought it was a Thresher at first..
  4. Sherm

    Looks like one of those multi gill sharks. Nice goats

    This thread should get interesting..........
  5. lega*sea

    22 lbs???? that thing must have been fat. congrats
  6. BigfishDM

    Great report but 22lbs is crazy, that fish is more like 7lbs at the most.
  7. BrotherP

    Nice goat

    Leo, those Sheepshead were some of the biggest I've seen outside of an aquarium. Usually someone would manage one supersized and a bunch of smaller ones but these were all larger than the average bear and aggressive on the drop, almost no waiting for a hook up.

    I told Jeff 3 times that the shark was a Seven Gill, but Jeff disagreed. I think he was too tired from fighting the thing for a hour to make the right call. I'm going to see him in a few to retrieve my forgotten cooler, I'll tell him the consensus makes it a Seven Gill.

    Good fishing with you Leo.
  9. dkd711

    Some nice Ceviche there! But 22lbs? 18lbs max!!! LOL
  10. spike

    Your scale is broken, decent Sheephead regardless. Congrats on your trip.
  11. HBfisherman

  12. Mainphrame

    Im 6-1 280 lbs so it looks alittle small, Im not the type that poses for pictures with my arms straight out. I had it weighed on a scale at the market from where i bought the stuff to make ceviche. Either they are over charging customers for their meat or the scale is right on. Regardless it was 28 inches, if you guys think it was 18 max - im not worried about it. We were just worried about the bite. What did you catch this weekend HB Fisherman.

    Wayne, how could you forget the beer cooler? I thought it was a seven gill myself or an old ass shark with the need for dentures because it had no teeth. Nice fishing and chatting with you.......
  13. wildbunch

    Nice goat - 28in OK - 22lbs No way. I hope you don't buy meat from that market.................:hali_olutta:......MOFO
  14. SAMvx1000

    Nice goat...must have been eating lead sinkers
  15. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    That's a seven gil. Tail gives it away
  16. Gino The Bass

    So thats where my Custom made Solid Gold Salas 7x went!
  17. Tunahead

    Good work Leo..I love Sheephead Ceviche. sprinkle a little sugar for the crab taste
    is the secret I've been taught...ummmmmm LOL
  18. amnajar

    Nice goat....
  19. whammy

    here's a 22lb sheephead i found online caught from pointloma last yr. Either way good going on the sheephead, looks like a solid 8-10lbs nice fish!

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  20. rex

    yeah but this guy is only 5`1" and 152 lbs