NIM jx raptor spool turns when in free spool

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by hammerhick27, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. hammerhick27

    so i finally got myself a JX raptor but it has some kind of issue? when in free spool if your turn the handle the spool turns and the free spool is not good at all. it spins a couple times and dies where my sx raptor spins for a couple seconds at least. what could be causing this problem? and how do i get it fixed ASAP for the yellow tail fishing coming up? it also makes a light growling noise when you turn the handle? thanks in advance for any input, john.
  2. plainsman

    Read the instructions and adjust the preset
  3. hammerhick27

    i already tried adjusting the preset... next idea?
  4. fknricter

    did you fill the spool with something? itll spin faster with line. is the mc set?
  5. Double Z

    Did it not do this when you first picked it up and now it does?

    Did you get it via internet and it's always been this way?

    Is the pre-set knob backed way off?

    Is the pre-set knob cranked way down?

    Has the reel been taken apart by you or another do-gooder?
  6. hammerhick27

    its turned since i got it. the pre set is neither to tight or to loose. i have not taken the reel apart but i cant say what happened before it came into my possession . i bought it from a guy who was the original owner. he hadnt fished it yet and needed his money back out of the reel, but i doubt he would have taken it apart as he bought it new.
  7. stairman

    you're fucked I'll take it off your hands for 49.95.
  8. Double Z

    Why doubt it? I'd be doubting he didn't. If you are not confident in your ability to tear it down and put it back together the right way, take it to a shop that can OR, and my suggestion, would be to take it to Avet or send it to them. I'm guessing the cam is indexed wrong.
  9. Parker23dvsc

    check your pm s
  10. Double Z

    and my response was:

    I don't buy used reels and have them sent to me anymore. I'll do a hand to hand exchange if the savings make it worth it. One of the last reels I had sent to me was missing parts and was assembled wrong. It was from what I thought to be a trustworthy source. Just my opinion and experience.
  11. MARKEY220

    i'm agreeing with you double z.i bet he did'nt put the lever in freespool before turning the preset knob.the lever is in freespool but internally its halfway to strike setting..