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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by billy bob, Dec 25, 2004.

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  1. billy bob

    :jo: Merry Christmas to all you BD,ers. I was woundering if you could help me out with some advice. I got got some cash to spend for Christmas, and I want to get a nice setup to throw jigs with this summer. I'm looking for a nice rod and reel for about 300$. Hoping you guys can help point me in the right direction since you seem to know what the hell you,re talking about. I mostly fish with live bait so if you also know some good jigs to use that would also be helpful. Thanks for your help
  2. GUERO

    For $300, go see Joey at Squidco in San Diego by the Main Post Office. He'll hook you up and your money will go far. I'd say a Torium 16 or 20 with a Calstar or Seeker 8 footer will do you just fine for starting out. Good luck
  3. kepdawg

    A good starter jig stick combo IMO is a calstar 90J (NOT THE 690J as it has no tip) and a penn 500 - and your with'n your budget. Going an extra 60-70 dollars and get a grand wave by diawa. 30lb-40lb test and either tady 45's or salas 7X lights and your ready for a bird school!
    Color of the jig only starts to count after the jig starts to swim and catch fish.
    The 90J is a great beginner rod, and a seasoned iron thrower can put a woop woop on some fishy's ass with this set up with no complaints!
    Go practice your casting, good luck, and be safe.
  4. aguachico

    Funny thing about jig setups, the iron will cost you more than the rod and reel after a few trips and hookups near some rocks.

    See Joey at Squidco!!!

    This combo is an Avet JX 6:1, I fish 40# with it. It's on a Seeker graphite 8'6" blank. I used cork on the bottom, a reel seat and hypalon on the top grip. I prefer reel seats over all cork. All cork rods are prone to problems like slippage and damaging the blank. As for the reel I love my Avet. I've used Shimano speedmasters III and IV. They are great $100 reels. I wouldn't spend $180 on a Torium when I can get an Avet for a few dollars more

    Good Luck.


  5. el Toro

    Calsar 90J and a Newell 332 with 30lb. You might have to add just a few bucks though.
  6. billy bob

    Thank's for your advice guys I really appreciate it . Have a Merry Christmas