NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Danny, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Danny

    Dust off the gear and fuel up the boat
    ALBACORE!!!!!!!! are biting!!!!!!!

    April Fools :rofl:

    Just yankin all your chains :waglleybooty: Only a couple months away now.
    Let's all join in a short and sweet group prayer to the allmighty.

    LORD Please bring the Albacore back in close to Southern California this season. So many people are in desperate need of this to support and feed there family's!
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  2. 26grumpy

  3. 6 FOOT DICK

    Fingers are crossed!
  4. popa_pescarul

    Rapala prayer has redeemed this thread.
    Danny, you made me look so you're still a dick.
  5. MikeyLikesIt

    I never, ever, ever, EVER log in on April 1st. :rofl:
  6. Tunahead

    HA I could be outta here in 5 mins, already removed all the lead
    out of my Albacore bag. Hell you can carry Albie tackle in your pocket!
  7. MightyMach

    you got me to look......

    Hope to see you again on another trip this year, Danny

  8. AZTunaBaron

    Certainly got my attention! Albies would sure be nice this year, we'll keep prayin until then.
  9. BigfishDM

    Albacore are gay
  10. Headshot

    Prayer to bring the fish? HERE WE GO!......REALLY?...Thats like praying for the Chargers to beat the Raiders!....Ya think a God would really give a fuck?... How finite and trivial we men are! While people are dieing in struggles for freedom against tyrants all over the world our god cares if we catch a fish as a sport? Dont get me wrong here, Im all for the business men in this sport to make their livings, BUT COME ON! Thats how ridiculous religious believers are and how tiny their minds are!
    Been thru this before with all of you believers and ya all think you're right just because you believe, what a joke! but in this country we live in, many of us have the right to call bullshit! The last time you were all praying for the fish to come, ya all jinksed our year,(last year) and the fish didnt show offshore, maybe way south but not locally!
    I've seen the signature of a lady fisherman here and it goes something like this, " teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime, teach a man religion and he will die praying for fish!
    Ya got me on the April fools shit to look but statements like praying for a sport just blows my fucking mind!
    Thanks for the report!
  11. TurdRoller

    Oh. God. Yes.

    This one's going to be epic
  12. Cartero

    Somebody needs a hug.
  13. Buddha

    Somebody needs to lighten the fuck up!
  14. Tues

    Someone needs a fleshlight...
  15. ?? fisherman

    Someone needs to pray for him :D

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  16. stonefly

  17. Derfsondeck

    Hah.Holy shit dudes pissed.
    :2gunsfiring_v1::Exploding_Smiley:LOOKOUT! CHRISTIANS REPENT!!!!!!!!The END IS NEAR!
    I'm gonna pray for your soul brother!:rofl:
  18. TurdRoller

    LOL The guy's signature says "Support your country always". Dude, one of the main principles this country was founded on is the freedom to pray to whoever, and for whatever the fuck you want. Not to mention it's just a fishing site..oh and also, your browser should have a "back button" for the next time somebody's post offends you

    I'm agnostic but hey if somebody says some prayers and I just so happen to have a good year, then I say bring on some more prayers
  19. fishstank

    Wow, what an asshole!
  20. gecsr1

    Another waste of time thread.....

    wtf is bd much bullshit.... and much less good info.....

    let the fishing begin......Please.................:rofl: