Newell Red R533

Discussion in 'Fishing Rods and Reels For Sale' started by sharkfinn, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. sharkfinn

    Im looking for a Red Newell R533 series. I would preferably like the reel with the original box, but its not a deal breaker if there isnt the original box. Please send me a PM if you have one. Thank you!
  2. sharkfinn

    Bump. Lookin for one to go with my red jiggin rod
  3. sharkfinn


    FYI, Im not looking for a collectors item. Im looking for a Red Newell to go with my jig rod. Dont expect me to pay an outrageous amount of money for it. PM me if you have one and are serious about selling.
  4. old salt

    i believe a red newell is now a collecters item.everyone in hawaii wants a colored newell and they are paying $$$ for them
  5. sharkfinn

    Maybe blue... or green, but IMO, red newells shouldnt be selling for no $300. I have seen R533's for as high as $380.
  6. angelinasdad

    why blue or green and not red?
  7. sharkfinn

    less than 40 Green 533's, versus more than 400 red series. Which would you rather pay more money for?
  8. angelinasdad

    Blue because blue is my favorite...not because there are fewer. 400 is still not a lot. Good luck.
  9. sharkfinn

    Same here... I would love a blue, but my rod is red. Hoping to find one for a good price. Thanks for the bumps Anthony.
  10. sharkfinn

    Bump. Anyone in the Laguna/OC area with red 533's? If not, an R454 or R546 will do... thank you.
  11. sharkfinn

    Bump. Id really like an R533 to match my rod before my trip coming up. Anyone?
  12. reel man

    The vast majority of the red reels were sent to China because they loved the chrome and red, and tried to get Carl to make gold and red reels.

    Don't have a clue about connecting with tackle sales, or shops in China, but would guess they figured out it was too big for their fishing techniques.
  13. sharkfinn

    0.0 seriously?
  14. reel man

    Yes, you can verify this with Richard Hightower the sales rep for Newell, as well as other fishing products.
  15. sharkfinn

    Dang... How odd. I wouldn't even know where to begin with hunting them down over there. Thanks for the info though, Jerry.
  16. ozone

    Try he sells used freshwater gear he may be able to track a used one down
  17. sharkfinn

    Thanks Ozone.
  18. sharkfinn

    Bump. Theres got to be someone out there with one...
  19. conchydong

    PM sent on upgraded 533 5.5

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  20. GT808

    Why such big reels for jigging? A 300 series would be perfect for jigging. FYI I've seen prices for the red's:
    200 series: $200-$250
    300 series: $250-$300
    400 series: $280 seen only one sold on Hawaii CL
    500 series: $300-$450
    600 series: $400-$450

    This is just a recent trend on prices for the Red's.
    Add $100+ for blues or greens

    Check eBay:red 200 series $300, blue 300 series $310+